News Report Debunking Marijuana Myths Met with Anger, Ignorance

News Report Debunking Marijuana Myths Met with Anger, Ignorance

Well, it seems that this video on “the drug war” has really ended up kicking the brain-dead hornet’s nest.

The funniest thing about it? At no point in the video do I argue for or against legalization. As a matter of fact, I state that the conversation of constitutionality should be taking place… but only if based on an honest premise. Shocker.

The video simply debunks some of the most common myths used by the pro-Marijuana (notice I didn’t say pro-states’ rights) crowd.  Examples:

“Marijuana’s harmless!” – Couldn’t be further from the truth, as seen at 2:02. The scariest thing is that this is the single most commonly heard argument from the pro-Marijuana crusaders today, and it is becoming more believed by an unsuspecting public. Even scarier, the more harmless its perception, the higher the use, specifically among teenagers (see 5:18).

“If someone wants to smoke up, it doesn’t have anything to do with me!” – Not really. See the police officer at 6:38. Do you drive? Ever had to submit to a Breathalyzer? How do you now feel about submitting to roadside fluid testing? Right now that requires a warrant, while an alcohol test doesn’t. Are you willing to give up that right every time you get pulled over from here on out? See, legalizing drugs ultimately may not decrease government control or authority… it may simply end up displacing it.

“Legalizing/Decriminalizing it will increase safety and DECREASE use” – Again, take a look at 5:50. Data shows that states with the most lenient laws tend to have the highest use — most startlingly, among teenagers as well.

“Ending the war on drugs would put Drug Cartels out of a job!” – So ridiculous it makes my head hurt. Criminals will be criminals… will be criminals. Take the man on-camera at 5:58 admitting that in Ann Arbor, former illegal drug dealers have simply resorted to purchasing medicinal marijuana legally, then selling it at high schools. Seems the system has scared them into straightening up and flying right!

“Prisons are filled with harmless pot-heads and that’s wrong!” – Not true. Take a look at the stats at 3:30.

At the end of the day, pro-marijuana leftists and libertarians love to claim to be against prohibition, but for education. That’s exactly what this video is. So, why the outrage?

Well let me ask you this: when was the last time you’ve seen a video from libs (or libertarians) truly educating the general public on the actual dangers of drugs, while still maintaining an open argument for states’ rights?

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

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