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Poll: 65% Agree with Shapiro's Defense of AR-15 Ownership

Poll: 65% Agree with Shapiro's Defense of AR-15 Ownership


Amid the progressive onslaught aimed at undercutting the 2nd Amendment by focusing on hunting and shooting, Rasmussen has released a poll showing that 65% of respondents understand gun ownership was meant to ensure freedom from government tyranny.

When appearing on Piers Morgan Tonight, Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro argued that Americans’ “need” for weapons like the AR-15 was based in the “prospective possibility of resistance to tyranny,” an argument host Piers Morgan tried to discredit as “absurd.” However, 65% of Americans apparently understand what Morgan does not–the 2nd Amendment is not about shooting ducks, it’s not about shooting cans or paper targets; it’s about protection from government abuse.

When our Founding Fathers wrote and signed the 2nd Amendment, they did not create a right to keep and bear arms. Rather, they protected a right that already existed–a God-given right that comes to us through nature–the right to be free.

Progressives like Morgan continue to try to cloud this issue; that’s why Rasmussen’s poll is so important–two out of three Americans intuitively knows that the main reason for being armed is to defend our lives and our freedom.

The details of the poll are very telling. Of those who have a gun in their home, a full 72% believe the purpose of being armed is to repel tyranny; even in homes without a gun, 57% of respondents believe the purpose of gun ownership is to defend against tyranny.

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