NBC News: Manchin Says Votes Not There to Expand Background Checks

NBC News: Manchin Says Votes Not There to Expand Background Checks

If this is true, this will be a huge fail for the media, who were so cravenly desperate to win this culture war against the right, they publicly ridiculed the idea of guarding schoolchildren against madmen with guns — just because the idea came from the NRA.

When you find yourself ridiculing and opposing the guarding of innocent children, that is probably a pretty good sign your moral compass is spinning out of control.

Again, personally, I would vote for the Toomey-Manchin amendment. But that bias doesn’t make me blind to how appalling the media’s behavior has been throughout all of this, and it certainly doesn’t impede my ability to take delight in what is looking to be a complete and total defeat.

ADDED: On The Daily Rundown, Chuck Todd says there is a real possibility this whole Newtown gun control fight could end up loosening gun control laws if the only amendment to pass in the Senate Wednesday expands concealed carry laws. Wouldn’t that be something!?


Additionally, the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent has been counting the votes and doesn’t see them.

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