Rubio Congratulates Fox News on Benghazi Coverage

Rubio Congratulates Fox News on Benghazi Coverage

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) had very critical words for former Secretary of State (and potential 2016 presidential rival) Hillary Clinton this morning on “Fox and Friends.”  

What I think is sad is how many people that are around the administration, including the former secretary of state, Secretary Clinton, knew this to be the case and allowed this to move forward anyway. You would hope the people would have stood up and said this is wrong, the American people deserve the truth. That didn’t happen.

Rubio appeared with host Steve Doocy to discuss Wednesday’s hearings before the House Oversight Commitee and took a jab at other news outlets by going out of his way to congratulate Fox News for their extensive coverage:  

These four things are very, very troubling, and I just want to congratulate those like Fox News and others that have kept on this issue. Because this is not about politics. This is about accountability.

Rubio has been under fire recently because of his participation in the immigration reform bill making its way through the senate and has been criticized on Fox News because of it.  He participated in hearings in January over Benghazi in which Mrs. Clinton testified.