Slate's Yglesias Calls Rand Paul 'White Supremacist'

Slate's Yglesias Calls Rand Paul 'White Supremacist'

In the surest sign that the liberal/progressive journalist special forces aligned to protect President Obama and the prospective candidacy of Hillary Clinton are beginning to fear the rise of Sen. Rand Paul, founding member of Journ-o-list and darling of the “Juice Box Mafia” Matt Yglesias defamed the Kentucky Republican Senator as a “white supremacist” Thursday on Twitter: 

In an exchange with the Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf, Yglesias went further and called Paul’s father, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) a white supremacist as well:  

Before landing his latest gig at, a subsidiary of the Washington Post, which allowed him to recently purchase a $1.2 million condo in Washington DC, Yglesias wrote for the left-wing advocacy group Think Progress, headed up by John Podesta.  In 2009 he wrote a TP blog post about conservatives and race in which he seemed to empathize with the idea of being accused of racism:  

(I)f someone called me a racist I’d get pretty indignant about it. Nobody likes that accusation. And I wouldn’t like to see someone I admire get that accusation leveled at them.

When asked to back up his claim of white supremacist views against the Pauls, Yglesias stated:  

No word yet from Yglesias’ employer, the Washington Post, as to whether they support or agree with their columnist’s view that a sitting Senator is a white supremacist.