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New York Times Publishes Non-Partisan Abortion Article

New York Times Publishes Non-Partisan Abortion Article


The New York Times is not often known to publish pieces that are non-partisan or that sway to the right, especially in their opinion pages. That changed on Sunday with an eloquent piece from David Leonhardt on abortion, which is probably the most sensitive and emotional subject in politics.

People on both sides attempt to lump abortion under the social issues column in politics, but Leonhardt points out abortion is not like other issues because it does fall in the middle of the spectrum. He references an abortion poll from Gallup that revealed the majority of Americans do identify themselves as pro-life, but it is only by a sliver. 48% said pro-life, 45% said pro-choice. While 60% of Americans said they are okay with abortions in the first trimester (12 weeks), 70% said it should not be allowed after 12 weeks. He also reported a National Journal poll that found 48% favored the House of Representatives bill banning abortion after 20 weeks except in the cases of rape and incest. Only 44% were against the bill.

While young adults are liberal, they are also divided about abortion. Leonhardt provides tips to pro-life and pro-choice groups on how they can persuade those caught in the middle. He said pro-choice groups can say many change their minds when caught in an abortion situation while pro-life groups can counter using eugenics. Children born with Down syndrome are down 49% even though doctors are able to prolong their life. Plus, the test for Down syndrome and other genetic tests usually occur in the second trimester.

Overall, though, Leonhardt wrote an excellent piece that did not expose his personal feelings on abortion. He kept it non-partisan and simply wrote the facts. It is also worth noting a senior editor at the Times published this piece. The extreme pro-choice groups and activists are harassing the pro-life groups and politicians in Texas. With the Times publishing this piece, it admits the pro-life argument has a valid point.

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