RNC Boycott Does Not Extend to All Spanish-Language Television

RNC Boycott Does Not Extend to All Spanish-Language Television

Despite what you are reading in media reports about how the RNC’s long overdue primary debate boycott of CNN and NBC also includes the Spanish-language Telemundo and CNN Espanol, it is important to point out that the boycott does not extend to Telemundo, which is the country’s top Spanish-language network.

There is also MundoFox, which might seem like a stretch, but the network has been branching out with more news and current affairs programming.

Therefore, the hysteria from some left-wing media concern-trolls like Taegen Goddard is completely unfounded.

Politico points out  (as though it was a good thing), that while the 2012 Republican bench didn’t hold any formal debates on any of the Spanish-language stations, CNN did broadcast the CNN debates on CNN Espanol.

Considering the debacle that was the 2012 GOP presidential primary debate season, that was not a plus.

If the choice is broadcasting a debacle that hurts us on CNN Espanol or not broadcasting anything, that is an easy choice.


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