Dreyfuss to Piers Morgan: Gun Policy Should Be Set by NRA

Dreyfuss to Piers Morgan: Gun Policy Should Be Set by NRA

During a November 21st appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live, actor Richard Dreyfuss said the NRA should be given the job of training Americans in “responsible gun ownership” and of selecting which guns Americans are allowed to keep in their homes.  

Dreyfuss said these things after Morgan asked a leading question to get the actor to criticize “the power of the NRA.” But instead of criticizing, the actor said: “I don’t think the NRA is a villian.” 

ShadowTV.com posted the interview and it shows the actor saying that he believes the 2nd Amendment is “ambiguously written.” Because of this, he thinks gun policy should be left with the “people who expert at this”–i.e., the NRA. 

He said the NRA should teach Americans “excellence in gun ownership” and should “create a short list of the guns that are allowed at home.” Dreyfuss said other guns that remain legal but fail to make the short list for home use should be locked in armories “held and controlled by the NRA, not the government.”

Dreyfuss said “the NRA should…think of themselves as heroes and take care of [gun violence]” by educating Americans on firearms.

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