The debate we've deserved for a long time

In response to It’s On: Who Blinks, Rand Paul or Barack Obama?:

I agree with you, John–Paul’s filibuster was brilliant, and shows that the GOP does have power, even in the minority, if it has the courage to wield it. Here at Breitbart, we’ve had a healthy debate about the substance of the drone issue. The difficult issue at the core of it all is how to distinguish a terrorist from a civilian, when terrorists often try to blend into the civilian population, especially in “sleeper cells” that may exist in the U.S.

What Paul is doing is demanding that the Obama administration provide a clearer answer, and standing up for liberty in the process. He’s captured the Senate floor and the media spotlight. In a good way! What a show. Right or wrong, the tests Paul has restored here are the essential principles of liberty and accountability. 

In addition, Paul is turning the filibuster into an opportunity to showcase conservative positions on other issues, including economic regulation and Obamacare, where there is similar executive overreach. Loving it!