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The discretion of incompetents


In response to Chauncy Hagel on NK Threat: “We Are Aware of – of What’s Going On”:

In other exciting foreign policy news, Debra, while the SecDef struggles to choke out a coherent sentence about clear reality and everything that our important partnerships will continue to do, the State Department has quietly airbrushed away the anti-Semitic terror-symp nutjob they were about to bestow a Woman of Courage award upon, before bloggers did the vetting our brilliant Obama Administration apparently couldn’t do, and read her damned Twitter feed.  Samira “I love watching the U.S. burn on 9/11” 

Ibrahim has now been vewwy qwietwwy deleted, without comment or explanation, from the Women of Courage list on the State Department website.  48 hours ago, the State Department professed complete faith in her laughable excuse that her Twitter account had been hacked for years.

But as Mark Steyn points out, the same people assure us we can trust them with unlimited discretion to operate killer drone aircraft, because the Unitary Executive will probably never decide that someone enjoying a Moolatte at the Dairy Queen on Main Street, USA is an “enemy combatant” and drop a Hellfire on them without due process.  Why, it’s hard to believe that Rand Paul fellow got so exercised over the refusal of the incompetents who can’t slow down spending by 2 percent without canceling White House tours to unambiguously rule out domestic drone kills without due process!  No drones for American ambassadors under attack in terrorist safe havens on the anniversary of 9/11 – Samira Ibrahim’s favorite holiday! – but they’d like to keep their options open in downtown America.

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