Mark My Words: Someone Is Going to Test This President

In response to Another Syria conspiracy:

I believe Assad or his goons gassed those people.  I don’t buy Assad’s claim that it’s “illogical” to drop gas weapons where his troops were located.  Of course they were located there.  They were fighting the enemy forces.  Friendly troops are always reasonably close to enemy troops in battle.  Friendly and hostile troops are close together when we call airstrikes too, and until recently, a lot of bombs fell on the friendly troops that the aircrews were hoping to relieve.

Chemical attacks were launched when troops were in close proximity in WWI.

And anyway, I don’t get the idea that Assad really cares all that much about his troops.  He seems to mostly care about being awkward and having an awful mustache.

I also don’t believe that Assad wouldn’t drop gas just because he’s winning. It’s easy for outsiders to say he’s winning. But when you’re in a fight for your life, it probably doesn’t seem like a very sure thing that you’re winning. A football team can be up by 21 points but if they start acting like the game is in the bag they just might lose. It’s happened before.

If we’re going to talk Conspiracy Theories, why not give Slow Joe’s old one a whirl?

It’s sounds stupid, but don’t let Joe Biden’s stupidity or his stupid claim that he’s a “student of history” mislead you. And remember, even the profoundly dull are sometimes able to navigate flights of stairs and distinguish colors and shapes.

Perhaps Russia just told Syria, yeah, let’s expose this chump for what he is.