Leading from behind: Obama will finally sign up for ObamaCare

Last week, I reflected on how strange it was for Barack Obama to delay signing up for ObamaCare, to the point where his refusal to do so had become impossible for the media to ignore.  The matter came up with some frequency at White House press briefings, to be dismissed by spokespeople with snippy refusals to discuss the reasons for the President’s hesitation, or set a timetable for when he’d finally enroll.

I thought this was a remarkably obvious unforced error.  Obama should have been the first person to sign up, with great fanfare.  It’s an entirely symbolic gesture that has nothing to do with the quality of care the First Family will receive… which makes it more than a little annoying that the cost-free symbolic gesture was not taken.

Of course we all know his website was a pile of unusable garbage when he dumped it on the American people, but he could have been set up with special access and led through a staged sign-up procedure live for the cameras.  They could even have signed him up before the site went live and made a big deal about how he wanted to ensure he was Customer Numero Uno.  

Once that opportunity was past, there was no way in hell the President was going to wade into agonizingly slow, bug-riddled, crash-prone mess he expects us to use.  He certainly wasn’t going to touch that pile of toxic code live on-camera.  And if he tried, I found myself wondering whether his national security team would stop him.  Healthcare.gov is a red-alert security risk for everyone who uses it.  The Administration might have disregarded all those security warnings to push citizens into hacker jeopardy for political reasons, but they wouldn’t allow the President to expose himself to such risk.

Well, according to Obama’s powerful and mysterious top aide, Valerie Jarrett, this morning it was decided that Barack Obama would finally sign up for ObamaCare, after three months of bumbling incompetence and dishonesty produced industrial disruptions of incalculable value, public anxiety of immeasurable depth, and a collapse so complete that Obama had to once more exercise dictatorial powers to arbitrarily suspend portions of the law.

But he’ll sign up for ObamaCare now… “to lead by example,” according to Jarrett.

Oh, my aching sides!  At least this historically awful Administration can give us a good belly laugh now and then.