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Youth Vote? Obama Quick Hits NSA Snooping in Galifianakis Interview

Youth Vote? Obama Quick Hits NSA Snooping in Galifianakis Interview

Obama appeared on Zach Galifianakis’ web show “Between Two Ferns” presumably to pitch his ill-performing health care program.  The President managed to offer a quick quip on the NSA surveillance dragnet revealed by Edward Snowden.  

During the six minute + Obamacare commercial interview, Obama encouraged the target demographic audience to sign up for his healthcare program.  Galifianakis followed up and asked how he can sign up without a computer. Obama offered a phone number to call to which Galifianakis responds: 

Galifianakis: Oh, I don’t have a phone, I’m off the grid, I don’t want you people like, looking at my texts. Know what I mean?

Obama: First of all, Zach, nobody’s interested in your texts. But second of all, you can do it in person, and the law means that insurers can’t discriminate against you if you’ve got a preexisting condition anymore.

While it was a short and sweet reference, it was still a reference made in a relatively short time period. Reports have shown that the youth vote is not happy with the scope of surveillance revealed by Snowden’s leaks.  A poll last year revealed a 14 pt swing among voters aged 18-29 on Obama’s approval ratings. 

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