Dartmouth Will Not Allow Stalking Victim to Carry Gun for Self-Defense

Dartmouth Will Not Allow Stalking Victim to Carry Gun for Self-Defense

On August 7, Breitbart News reported that 20-year-old Dartmouth student Taylor Woolrich asked the school if she could carry a gun to fend off a man she claims has been stalking her since she was 16.

On August 9, the Los Angeles Times reported the school denied her request.

According to the Times, Woolrich is from San Diego, where she claims 67-year-old Richard Bennett “spotted her at a coffee shop where she was working in 2011 and began harassing her.” She says that even after she went away to Dartmouth, he demonstrated an inexplicable knowledge of her trips back to CA and “last summer… he was at [her] front door within eight hours of [her] plane landing.”

Woolrich has a restraining order against Bennett, who is currently jailed in San Diego facing “charges of stalking, possession of a firearm while under a restraining order, and unlawfully obtaining personal information about Woolrich’s family.”

She asked Dartmouth if she could carry a handgun on campus to defend herself in the event that Bennett is released and comes to find her.

Her request was denied, but a Dartmouth spokesman said: “We do everything we possibly can to make our students feel safe.”

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