The Budget Funds 99 Things and a Wall Ain’t One


The Trump administration did not get funding for a border wall construction in its stop-gap budget agreement with Democrats, so Breitbart News took a look at 99 programs that the federal budget is currently funding.

Apart from a few hundred million to repair fencing along the border, it’s pretty hard to see the president’s America First agenda in the budget

  1. $8.5 billion on a Counter-Narcotics program in Afghanistan
  2. $1.5 billion, an increase of more than $100 million, to prepare for the 2020 census
  3. $10 million on international religious freedom programs
  4. $5 million “Economic Support Fund” to assist Iraq and Syria in developing their economies.
  5. $750 million to enhance the ability of the armed forces of Jordan to increase or sustain security along its borders.
  6. $15 million for the Institute of American Indian and 11 Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development.
  7. $729 million for salaries of Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian Museum employees
  8. $139 million for facilities upkeep for Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian Museum
  9. $132 million for the National Gallery of Art
  10. $14 million for capital repair and restoration of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C.
  11. $149 million for necessary expenses for the National Endowment for the Arts for the “support of projects and productions in the arts, including arts education and public outreach activities.”
  12. $6.5 million for the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
  13. $45 million for the construction of a Dwight Eisenhower memorial
  14. $2 million for the necessary expenses of the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission
  15.  $946 million for necessary expenses of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
  16. $11.5 million on research to “eradicate the boll weevil and pink bollworm from all cotton-producing areas of the U.S. and northern Mexico in cooperation with States, the cotton industry, and Mexico.”
  17. $700,000 on the Horse Protection Act of 1970
  18. $55 million on research on Avian health
  19. $166 million on research on specialty crop pests
  20. $8 million on field crop and rangeland ecosystem pests management
  21. $16.5 million on Zoonotic disease management – diseases that spread between animals and humans.
  22. $54 million on tree and wood pest management
  23. $5.7 million for the National Veterinary stockpile, which provides “the veterinary countermeasures animal vaccines, antivirals, or therapeutic products, supplies, equipment, and response support services that States, Tribes, and Territories need to respond to damaging animal disease outbreaks.”
  24. $3 million for National Bio and 9 Agro-Defense human capital development
  25. $85 million for necessary expenses of the Agricultural Marketing Service
  26. $20.7 million for marketing agreements and orders pursuant to the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 and the Agricultural Act of 1961
  27. $43.3 million for necessary expenses of the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration
  28. $819,000 for necessary expenses of the Office of the Under Secretary for Food Safety
  29. $50,000 for the Federal Meat Inspection Act, the Poultry Products Inspection Act, and the Egg Products Inspection Act
  30. $900,000 for necessary expenses of the Office of the Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services
  31. $1.2 billion for necessary expenses of the Farm Service Agency
  32. $6.5 million to carry out wellhead or 25 groundwater protection activities under section 1240O of the Food Security Act of 1965
  33. $65 million for direct operating loans under the section 502 of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974.
  34. $317 million in administrative expenses to carry out government loan programs.
  35. $74 million in salaries for risk management agencies.
  36. $10 million on expenses necessary for the Northern Border Regional Commission in carrying out activities
  37. $273 million for “necessary expenses for U.S. Customs and Border Protection for procurement, construction, and improvements, including procurements to buy marine vessels, aircraft, and unmanned aerial systems.”
  38. $7.1 billion for necessary expenses of the Transportation Security Administration for operations and support
  39. $2.5 million for necessary expenses of the United States Secret Service for research and development
  40. $86 million on the Economic Research Service
  41. $171 million for necessary expenses of the National Agricultural Statistics Service
  42. $849 million for ‘National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Research and Education Activities’
  43. $477 million for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture programs in each state and U.S. territory.
  44. $36 million for the integrated research, education, and extension grants programs, including necessary administrative expenses of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture
  45. $7 billion to support the federal prison system.
  46. $130 million for the construction and purchase of new sites for the federal prison system
  47. $2.7 million in administrative expenses for the federal prison system.
  48. $53 million for grants relating to the homicide reduction initiative
  49. $1 million on research on violence against Indian women
  50. $6 million on “education and training to end violence against and abuse of women with 19 disabilities.”
  51. $4 million for “for grants to assist tribal governments in exercising special domestic violence criminal jurisdiction”
  52. $16 million for “grants to support families in the justice system.”
  53. $500,000 for “a national clearinghouse that provides training and technical assistance on  issues relating to sexual assault of American Indian and Alaska Native women.”
  54. $4 million for “for activities to strengthen and enhance the practice of forensic sciences”
  55. $13 million for “economic, high technology, white collar and Internet crime prevention grants”
  56. $20 million for “sex offender management assistance”
  57. $1 million for maintenance of the National Sex Offender Public Website
  58. $45 million for a grant program for “community-based sexual assault response reform”
  59. $50 million for the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative
  60. $65 million to improve police-community relations
  61. $103 million for “comprehensive opioid abuse reduction activities”
  62. $14 million for Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for State Prisoners
  63. $14 million for a “program to monitor 18 prescription drugs and scheduled listed chemical 19 products”
  64. $10 million on is for anti-methamphetamine-related activities managed by the Drug Enforcement Administration
  65. $7 million for “grants to State law enforcement agencies in States with high seizures of precursor chemicals, finished methamphetamine, laboratories, and laboratory dump seizures”
  66. $10 million for the enforcement of laws against heroin and opioid usage
  67. $275 million for “an orbiter and a lander to meet the science goals for the Jupiter Europa mission”
  68. $686.5 million for the necessary expenses of space technology research and development activities
  69. $4.3 billion for space-related travel expenses such as travel expenses such as operation of mission and administrative aircraft
  70. $40 million for the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program.
  71. $360 million for construction and environmental compliance and restoration
  72. $37.9 million for necessary expenses of the office of the Inspector General
  73. $6 billion for the National Science Foundation Act of 1950
  74. $544 million for polar research and operations support with regards to the United States Antartic program
  75. $880 million for travel and conference room booking for events relating to the National Science Foundation Act of 1950
  76. $4.3 million for the necessary expenses for the employment of experts for the National Science Foundation Act of 1950
  77. $91.5 million for the necessary expenses of the International Trade Commission
  78. $385 million for the Legal Services Corporation
  79. $18 million for the operation, research, and facilities management of the ‘National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  80. $10 million for the Economic Development Administration
  81. $12 million on salaries and expenses for the Drug Enforcement Administration
  82. $1 billion for the National Institute on Drug Abuse
  83. $357 million for the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering
  84. $407 million for the National Library of Medicine
  85. $1.6 billion for “carrying out the responsibilities of the Office of the Director of the National Institutes of Health
  86. $128.9 million for “the study of, construction of, demolition of, renovation of, and acquisition of equipment for, facilities of the National Institutes of Health
  87. $1.1 billion the Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness Act
  88. $2.1 billion on substance abuse treatment
  89. $223 million on substance abuse prevention
  90. $31 million to “carry out national surveys on drug abuse and mental health, to collect and analyze program data, and to conduct public awareness and technical assistance activities”
  91. $57 million to prepare for the potential of an influenza epidemic
  92. $1 million for wildlife services development research
  93. $73 million for the development and adoption of a National Instant Criminal Background Check System
  94. $125 million for DNA-related and forensic programs and activities
  95. $13 million forensic science improvement grants
  96. $43 million for Drug courts
  97. $8 million for “for community-based violence prevention initiatives, including for public health approaches to reducing shootings and violence”
  98. $8 billion in development costs for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope
  99. $660 million for aeronautics-related administrative, travel, and operations expenses.