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New Range Of Jewellery Punctures Veins To Tap Kinetic Energy

New Range Of Jewellery Punctures Veins To Tap Kinetic Energy

An Israeli designer has created a range of jewellery that creates electricity after it is inserted it into the wearers veins. The Metro claims the idea from Naomi Kizhner is to explore the idea of how we produce renewable energy.

Her freaky creations puncture the skin and tap into the veins so the wearer’s movement and blood flow turn a wheel inside the accessory. Then the jewellery itself turns this kinetic energy into electricity that can be used.

Naomi said: “There are lots of developments of renewable energy resources, but the human body is a natural resource for energy that is constantly renewed, as long as we are alive.

“I wanted to explore the post-humanistic approach that sees the human body as a resource… Will we be willing to sacrifice our bodies in order to produce more energy? My intention is to provoke a discussion.”

Once the statement jewellery pieces have collected enough energy, you can use it to charge your mobile devices or LED lights. The technology may seem macabre but it is part of a much wider movement looking into how to use the human body to create electricity.

One such project is being run by the University of Leicester who are using the radioactive element americium-241 to power satellites. The technology being used to convert the heat from the americium to electricity may ultimately be miniaturised enough to put it in mobile phones, enabling them to charge in the owners pocket using heat from their body.

Naomi Kizhner created the range of jewellery as her graduate project, the collection was entitled “Energy Addicts”. 

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