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Queen Lookalike

The Queen Backs UKIP – Lookalike Confuses Londoners

Shoppers in Bromley, South London, thought they witnessed a rare political act by a reigning Monarch, when a lookalike of HM The Queen was seen handing out UKIP leaflets. To make it all the more confusing Prince Philip’s double was

Sex Pest Made 15,000 Lewd Calls In Three Months

An unemployed man from Blackburn has been convicted of making 15,000 obscene calls over a three-month period. Amjid Khan, 39, pleaded guilty to the offences at Preston Crown Court. The court was told he would pick strangers names out of
Ashya King

Boy Who Escaped NHS Hospital Is Now Cancer Free

Ashya King, the boy whose parents took him out of an NHS hospital after doctors did not want him to seek private treatment is now cancer free. Brett and Naghmeh King were chased across Europe by the police and put
Alex Salmond

Watch: Tories Launch Attack Ad On Alex Salmond

The Conservatives have launched a new attack ad against Alex Salmond and Ed Miliband. The film shows the former Scottish National Party (SNP) leader travelling to London to make Ed Miliband “dance to his tune”. It was posted on social

As Unionists Unite UKIP Offers Joint House of Commons Group

Nigel Farage’s hand could be significantly strengthened in any coalition negotiation by a deal with both main Unionist parties in Parliament. Earlier this week the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) announced an electoral pact, which

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