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Watch: James Delingpole Takes On ‘Fattism’ On The BBC

Breitbart London’s Executive Editor, James Delingpole, has appeared on the BBC Daily Politics to attack moves to award fat people minority status. He said that he hoped fat people would be “stigmatised” rather than government stepping in. Delingpole claimed some of
Labour Leafet

Labour Sends Voters Spoof UKIP ‘Healthcare Bill’

Labour have posted voters a spoof bill for their healthcare under UKIP. The leaflet was posted on Facebook by local UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge and features a series of prices for treatments that run into thousands of pounds. It claims the
Labour's Policy On Arms

Three Quarters of Labour Candidates Against Renewing Trident

Three quarters of Labour candidates at the General Election are against renewing the Trident nuclear deterrent, according to a new survey by the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament. Candidates were surveyed online about the submarine-based defence system. Labour were quick to

Watch: Jihad John Is A Result Of Corrupt Britain Says Brand

Russell Brand has blamed “corrupt Britain” for the radicalisation of Mohammed Emwazi, also known as Jihad John. The ‘comedian’ made the claims on his latest video rant, uploaded to YouTube. The video was entitled “Could I have been Jihadi John?”.
Remembrance Poppy

Poppies Banned By Northern Ireland’s Super Council

Mid Ulster Council, a new local authority that will take over the powers of three existing bodies, has voted not to stock Remembrance Sunday poppies in any of their buildings. The council agreed the ban as an interim measure before
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Asylum Seekers Cost UK Taxpayer £726k A Day

The taxpayer is shelling out £726,000 a day on asylum seekers, despite the government’s promises to cut migration. The figures were revealed in today’s Daily Express, with the paper calculating the bill would be enough to fund 58,000 extra nurses,
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Lies Of Jihad John’s British Supporters Exposed

This week the British advocacy group CAGE held a press conference in which it claimed Mohammed Emwazi aka Jihad John, was radicalised by the security services after he was questioned by its officers. The Sunday Telegraph has revealed this is
TV Studio

BBC License Fee ‘Out Of Date’, Should Be Replaced

The TV License fee, which funds Britain’s state-run BBC, should be abolished, according to a report by the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee. The group of MPs said the fee was “becoming harder and harder to justify” in a

400 Children Threatened With Tasers By Police

Around 400 British children a year are been threatened with tasers by the Police, according to the BBC. The figures show the number of under-18s who have had the firearms drawn and pointed at them in 2013. The Freedom of
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Mystery Drones over Paris Spark New Terror Fears

French Police have established a special Police group after drones were spotted flying close to sensitive sights this morning. The flights took place between 1am and 6am, and have raised fears of a terrorists attack. The sights involved were the

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