FAKE NEWS: CNN Pushes Vicious, Baseless ‘White Nationalist’ Smear Against MILO

CNN have refused to correct an article that falsely brands Breitbart Senior Editor MILO as a “white nationalist,” “racist,” and “alt-right.”

In the article entitled “Hail Trump? White nationalists already losing faith in President-elect,” CNN attempts to associate MILO with individuals such as ex-KKK member David Duke, Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin, and alt-right icon Richard Spencer, despite the fact that all three have often vocally opposed him, and have repeatedly proclaimed that he is not a member of the alt-right.

MILO has sparred with various white nationalist and fringe sections of the right, so much so that white supremacist site The Daily Stormer waged a “war” against him.

Alt-right icon Richard Spencer has also dispelled claims that MILO is a part of the alt-right, stating simply that “Milo is not a part of the alt-right,” during a debate.

Many white nationalists have also branded MILO a “race-mixing kike faggot,” declaring their distaste for him, while popular alt-right outlet “The Right Stuff” bluntly declared in an article that “Milo isn’t one of us.”

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