State Dept: Silence on Benghazi Not Tied to Presidential Politics

State Dept: Silence on Benghazi Not Tied to Presidential Politics

Now that the presidential elections have come and gone, the State Dept is assuring reporters its silence on Benghazi was not part of a larger effort to protect Obama.

In fact, State Dept spokesperson Victoria Nuland says the State Dept has refused to answer questions to this point because an Accountability Review Board (ARB) is reviewing Benghazi details.

According to Nuland, once the ARB answers all the State Dept’s questions, the State Dept will then answer all the questions being asked of it by reporters and Congressional investigators.

When pressed yesterday by reporters to answer questions that have been asked again and again for weeks, Nuland would only repeat that her silence was due to the fact that an ARB is running, and that her past reticence had not been tied to the presidential election. 

Surely, we’ve hit a point of bureaucracy-gone-wild if the State Dept can’t answer questions about a State Dept consulate until a third party (the ARB) gives them the go ahead. 

They certainly didn’t wait on the ARB to wrap up its investigation before blaming the violence on a YouTube video at the start.

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