Dog Rides City Buses Solo, Stops at Shops for Ham, Biscuits

Dog Rides City Buses Solo, Stops at Shops for Ham, Biscuits

GENOA, Italy, Sept. 7 (UPI) — An Italian dog has garnered attention for his ability to navigate the city’s bus system without the help of his owner.

Commuters in Genoa say Camillo began traveling on city buses as a pup. Now 12, the veteran traveler has learned which stops allow him to patronize stores where workers feed him ham and biscuits.

The dog always returns home by the end of the day.

His owner told she wants to attach a webcam to Camillo’s collar to track his daily travels.

“He goes to the poultry shop to eat — he has his reference points,” Camillo’s owner said. “Shop owners give him ham and biscuits. He knows where to go to eat — but he doesn’t run our errands.”

Animal behavior expert Luigi Boitani told Camillo doesn’t have the ability to plot out a route but instead uses sensory information — familiar smells and sights — as cues to get on and off the bus.

“He works out where he’s been before by using the principle methods of orientation: sense of smell and sight,” Boitani said.

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