Dr. Charles Jacobs: Elitist Self-Loathing Is a ‘Deadly’ ‘Ideological Catastrophe’ for the West in Fighting Radical Islam

Jihadi John
Washington, DC

Dr. Charles Jacobs, the President of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Wednesday about the “ideological sickness” of self-loathing among western elites, which could prove “deadly” in the struggle to defeat radical Islamic terrorism.

Jacobs discussed an article he wrote for Breitbart titled “The Holocaust Is Justified’: What Syrian Refugees Learn in School.” In it, he noted:

Syrian schoolchildren are presented with a consistent world-historical view, in which the Jewish rejection of Islam has continued from the 7th Century of the Common Era until today. Jewish tribes in the Arabian peninsula during this formative period of Islam (roughly the middle to late 7th century) are repeatedly mentioned as active enemies of Islam, intent on destroying the city of Medina (the initial focal point of Islamic learning, now within the nation-state of Saudi Arabia).

Descriptors such as “treacherous,” “disloyal” and “cunning” are regularly used in these texts in regards to the Jewish tribes of the Arabian peninsula during Islam’s early history.

Crucially, these negative characteristics attributed towards the Jews of Islamic antiquity are considered essentially immutable and continuous in historical terms. The Jews were and remain apostates and heretics, at most worthy of a lower temporal status if residing within the Islamic world (dhimmi), and unable to gain access to Heaven in the afterlife because of their own initial rejection of Moses’ Revelation on Mt. Sinai. In the modern era, the intrinsic moral depravity of Jews is presented within the textbooks as being directly and solely responsible for anti-Semitism in the Western world and the occurrence of the Holocaust. The Jews living in Western Europe during the 20th century are squarely blamed for their own demise, as a result of their socio-cultural unwillingness to assimilate, their avarice and greed, their treasonous behavior during WWI vis-à-vis their respective “host” nations, and their inherently criminal nature.

Speaking to how so-called elitist western thought is allowing this and other relevant social factors today, Jacobs told Bannon, “It is an ideological sickness in the West. We no longer believe in ourselves. We’ve been guilted to think that we live on undeserved wealth — that especially white people are for no reason privileged, that if you don’t have exact equal outcomes for all people that that must mean that somebody has done something very bad to be on top. Success is a spin. This is an ideological catastrophe for the West, and I blame Western intellectuals for not taking it apart.”

“But we’re living with the results of it, and the results are going to be deadly,” he added.

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