What War with North Korea Would Look Like: Bloody Pyrrhic Victory for Vast U.S. War Machine

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Chetan Peddada served as a U.S. Army intelligence officer in South Korea and helped prepare for various war scenarios and participated in refining war plans in several theater-wide exercises. He writes in an article appearing in Business Insider:

In a secret underground base, Command Post Tango, the combined headquarters of the U.S.-South Korean command, is abuzz with activity.

North Korean artillery has pummeled sites around Seoul, leaving thousands of South Korean and American civilians and service members dead.

A toxic combination of North Korean provocations and U.S. escalation has prompted the North to launch a last-ditch effort to seize the whole peninsula.

As the generals fill an auditorium-sized sand-table battlefield showing the disposition of friendly forces and the extent of likely follow-up attacks, hundreds of thousands of South Koreans are displaced in and around Seoul, seeking shelter and safety.

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