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James Gets to the Rim with 3.2 Seconds Left to Beat Magic, Pull Within 2 of Jordan

James Gets to the Rim with 3.2 Seconds Left to Beat Magic, Pull Within 2 of Jordan

LeBron James seems set on perfecting his game and eradicated every defect. Michael Jordan said before the All-Star game that the key to stopping James was to force him left because he always pulls up for a jumper. Wednesday with the Heat’s 15-game win streak on the line, DeQuan Jones met James outside the three-point arc and forced him left in the closing seconds.

James did not pull up for the jumper or pass to a teammate as in past years, and he didn’t dribble left just far enough to pull up for a jumper like he did against Kobe Bryant in the All-Star game. Instead he went all the way to the basket using his left hand to lay the ball into the hoop and deliver a 97-96 win to pull him within two games of Jordan’s longest win streak of 18 games.

Barely beating the struggling Orlando Magic in Miami is not impressive, as the Heat blew a 20-point lead. Dwyane Wade also had a better game than James, which he has done a few times while shooting 62 percent during the last seven games. Wade was the better shooter (10 of 16), and had more rebounds (6 to 3 over James), assists (3 to 2) and steals (4 to 0).

But while James was only one of six on three-pointers, including two misses in the closing minutes, he overpowered another team by making six of eight two-pointers and 11 of 12 free throws in a 26 point performance during which the Heat won by 8 points during the 38 minutes he was on the court, and lost by 7 points during the 10 minutes he was not. 

Dec 29 1995-Feb 2 1996   Bulls Opp Streak Feb 3 2013-March 10 2013   Heat Opp
Indiana Pacers h 120 93 W 1 Toronto Raptors a 100 85
Atlanta Hawks h 95 93 W 2 Charlotte Bobcats h 99 94
Houston Rockets h 100 86 W 3 Houston Rockets h 114 108
Charlotte Hornets a 117 93 W 4 Los Angeles Clippers h 111 89
Milwaukee Bucks h 113 84 W 5 Los Angeles Lakers h 107 97
Seattle SuperSonics h 113 87 W 6 Portland Trail Blazers h 117 104
Philadelphia 76ers a 120 93 W 7 Oklahoma City Thunder a 110 100
Washington Bullets a 116 109 W 8 Atlanta Hawks a 103 90
Philadelphia 76ers h 116 104 W 9 Chicago Bulls a 86 67
Toronto Raptors a 92 89 W 10 Philadelphia 76ers a 114 90
Detroit Pistons a 111 96 W 11 Cleveland Cavaliers h 109 105
New York Knicks a 99 79 W 12 Sacramento Kings h 141 129
Vancouver Grizzlies h 104 84 W 13 Memphis Grizzlies h 98 91
Miami Heat h 102 80 W 14 New York Knicks a 99 93
Phoenix Suns h 93 82 W 15 Minnesota Timberwolves a 97 81
Houston Rockets a 98 87 W 16 Orlando Magic h 97 96
Sacramento Kings a 105 85 W 17 Philadelphia 76ers h Fri 8-Mar
Los Angeles Lakers a 99 84 W 18 Indiana Pacers h Sun 10-Mar
Average Bulls Score   106 89   Average Heat Score   106 95

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