Pink Iowa Football Visitor's Locker Room Under Attack for Being 'Homophobic'

Pink Iowa Football Visitor's Locker Room Under Attack for Being 'Homophobic'

Legendary Iowa coach Hayden Fry had the visitor’s locker room at the university painted pink as a way to calm opponents before emerging to take on the Hawkeyes. A psychology major, Fry believed that his team ought to maximize its home field advantage and also get inside the heads of their opponents.

Now, those locker rooms are coming under attack.

A former Iowa law professor and current leader and co-founder of Gender Justice, Jill Gaulding, has become critical of the locker rooms saying they are “homophobic” and “gender shaming,” reinforcing current notions of masculine and feminine.

What was a fun way to get in the heads of opponents has Iowa liable to lawsuits, according to Gaulding. If that is the case, coaches better begin a legal fund to defend their profession. The next time one of them says “you throw like a girl,” they just might be sued.

This episode provides another example of why Sarah Palin and others point to sports and culture as crucial players in the political process. The agenda of the politically correct left never stops in the halls of the Supreme Court. It invades our schools, our lives, our sports.

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