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Baker Mayfield

Heisman Hunt: Top Ten Collegians Gunning for the Trophy

Last week, there were two frontrunners, and, now, we are down to one. Baker Mayfield has emerged as the top contender, but a trio of QBs that weren’t getting much love to start the season still have plenty of time to gain ground. Mason Rudolph and Nick Fitzgerald will both have a real opportunity to close the gap this week.

Josh Rosen

Top 10 Heisman Trophy Candidates

Two signal callers have put together very strong, early candidacies. Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield have had great starts, but there are a host of other contenders and a whole lot of football still to be played.

Baker Mayfield

Heisman Hunters: Top 10 Trophy Candidates

It’s a pretty stellar class of Heisman contenders, but it was not a stellar week of performances. No one combined a big game with a strong team performance, and that allowed Lamar Jackson to keep the #1 spot.

Heisman Race Preview: 10 Contenders for the Trophy

There is a loaded class of Heisman Trophy candidates returning, and there is always room for someone (see: Jackson, Lamar or Manziel, Johnny) to come from nowhere to win the prestigious award. This is a race that could come down to the wire and also one that I don’t think we will have any sort of handle on until mid-season.

Jalen Hurts

10 Heisman Hungry Players Hunt for the Trophy

Smart money still puts the trophy in Lamar Jackson’s hands, but the race is suddenly very interesting after a four-turnover performance by the candidate many saw as a “sure thing” entering the season’s final week.

J.T. Barrett

Race for Heisman Heats Up: Top 10 Candidates

Prior to the Houston game, the trophy essentially belonged to Lamar Jackson. The Louisville signal caller still leads for college football’s premier award, but the OSU-Michigan and Auburn-Alabama games are a little more relevant to the contest given the narrower lead held by Jackson.

Breitbart Sports College Football Top 25

Outside of the Louisville loss, this week was relatively drama free. However, drama is alive and well in the Big 10, and you never know what will happen late in the college football season.

AP Photo

Breitbart Sports College Football Top 25

Last week, selecting the top four was easy. After only one of those teams managed to win, however, the picture is very muddled. Upset Saturday was unexpected, and there is much left to be decided in the closing weeks of the college football season.

Jalen Hurts

Breitbart Sports College Football Top 25

Bizarre. That’s how I viewed the Committee’s decision to place Texas A&M over Washington in the Playoff. That decision was rectified by Mississippi State’s victory over the Aggies. Meanwhile, Louisville and Ohio State put together strong resumes to fill the void should one of the top four stumble.

Trevor Knight, Jonathan Allen

Breitbart Sports College Football Top 25

If the season ended today, there is no doubt who the four playoff teams would be with Alabama a definite #1 seed and Michigan, Washington, and Clemson following in some order behind.

Jalen Hurts, Jonathan Kongbo

Heisman Watch: Top 10 Trophy Candidates

The Heisman appears to be Lamar Jackson’s to lose with Deshaun Watson and JT Barrett vying for second place. A key matchup takes place this week between Knight and Hurts that could really vault the winner/better performer’s chances with the eyes of the nation on that big game.

Jalen Hurts, Jonathan Kongbo

Breitbart Sports College Football Top 25

Alabama thrived, Ohio State survived, and Clemson limped along this week as three of the top six enjoyed byes. This week, Alabama and Texas A&M compete in a possible battle for a playoff spot while Auburn-Arkansas, LSU-Ole Miss, Louisville-NC State, Wisconsin-Iowa, TCU-West Virginia, and Utah-UCLA offer their fans must-see matchups.

Breitbart Sports College Football Top 25

Losses suffered by Houston and Tennessee clear up the playoff picture slightly as four of the top six will face each other. Top contests this week include Alabama at Tennessee, Ole Miss at Arkansas, and Ohio State at Wisconsin.

Christian McCaffrey

Heisman Watch: Top Ten Trophy Hunters

As with the top 25, there is not much movement at the top of the Heisman list as the first six remain the same. However, there is still a lot of games to be played, and this week’s Louisville-Clemson contest could be the Heisman’s most important match up of the year… at least until Greg Ward gets his turn at facing Lamar Jackson.



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