NBA: Little May Madness Can Hold Down Revenue

NBA: Little May Madness Can Hold Down Revenue

In the first week of March Madness, 36 games are played and every game is an elimination game for both teams. Saturday night, the Nets and Bulls will play in the 45th NBA playoff game this season, and it will be the first time both teams in the same game go home if they lose. A key person who works on behalf of the NBA said the league was thrilled with last years playoff drama surrounding LeBron James, but “the only other thing we could have hoped for was a Game 7 (in the Oklahoma City-Miami series).”

“Still, we pulled higher ratings than the World Series, and that is really the best comparison,” the source told Breitbart Sports.

The fact that there were 44 games this season before the first Game 7 in any series was compounded Friday night when all three Game 6 match-ups were won by the team with a 3-2 lead. This means that ABC will have just two Game 1 series openers on Sunday – which have much less drama since the losing team will have at least three more chances before being eliminated.

The NFL playoffs and coming BCS four-team championship will soon join March Madness as the three athletic series that top $1 billion in revenue.

The NBA draws much higher ratings than college basketball games during the regular season, and in the playoffs is always ahead of the Stanley Cup and currently ahead of the World Series. However, all three of those sports are dependent on teams playing each other even to get the exciting Game 7, and always in fear of teams like the Miami Heat – who will have rested for more than a week when they take the court Monday, sweeping a series to give them only four shots at revenue with little interest once the game is 2-0.

Here are the four series starting in the next two days, with the Heat awaiting the winner of Saturday’s Bulls-Nets battle. 

East Seed Game 1 – Monday
1 Miami (4-0 over Milwaukee)
4 or 5 Brooklyn/Chicago Game 7 Winner (Sun TNT 8 p.m.)


East Seed Game 1 – Sunday ABC 3:30
3 Indiana (4-2 over Atlanta)
2 New York (4-2 over Boston)
West Seed Game 1 – Sunday ABC 1
1 Oklahoma City (4-2 over Houston)
5 Memphis (4-2 over LA Clippers)
West Seed Game 1 – Monday 9:30 TNT
2 San Antonio (4-0 over LA Lakers)
6 Golden State (4-2 over Denver)