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Only 9 of top 25 NBA Players Still Playing

Only 9 of top 25 NBA Players Still Playing

The NBA playoffs are down to eight teams, and only nine of the top 25 players in the league are still playing according to the anticipated “Total Value” prepared by Breitbart Sports. This rating is a per game variation of John Hollinger’s landmark Value Added ratings (which is “per season,” and not the same thing as our “Value Add” for college players). Whether you use Hollinger’s ratings or this variation, it is clear that LeBron James is by far the best player in basketball, and Kevin Durant is by far the second best player. The Top 25 is below. 

Hollinger’s stat is a near perfect measurement of the value added by each player to his team over the course of the season. The adjustment we make it emphasizing the value per minute played. The main difference is that basing the rating on (PER – 10 X Minutes) played in our variation indicates that Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony were actually a little better than Kobe Bryant in the games they played (70 and 67 respectively), though Hollinger correctly calculates that Bryant had more value on the season as a whole because he did it for 78 games before his ACL injury. In separate pieces, Breitbart Sports breaks down the matchups between each team’s top eight players.

Rk PLAYER Still in playoffs? Per Game Value Notes on Value
1 LeBron James, MIA YES 821 More than 100 points better than Durant
2 Kevin Durant, OKC YES 706 More than 100 points better than Paul
3 Chris Paul, LAC No 549 Best assists except for Rondo, Calderon
4 Carmelo Anthony, NY YES 549 He should shoot a lot
5 Kobe Bryant, LAL No 506 Injured before playoffs
6 James Harden, HOU No 498 If only he were still with OKC
7 Russell Westbrook, OKC (inj) Inj 488 Gone for playoffs
8 Dwyane Wade, MIA YES 487 Only healthy 1-2 combo in league
9 Derrick Rose, CHI (inj) Inj 462 Out-ACL, based on last year’s stats
10 Brook Lopez, BKN No 450 Dominant, but outdueled by Noah in Gm 7
11 Tim Duncan, SA YES 435 Still 6th best defensive rebound
12 Stephen Curry, GS YES 433 Has been even better in playoffs
13 Tony Parker, SA YES 431 The 2nd best 1-2 punch left
14 Anderson Varejao, CLE No 422 14.4 Rebounds per game until inj after 25 g
15 Blake Griffin, LAC No 404 Free throws only weakness
16 Kyrie Irving, CLE No 399 Watch out for “Uncle Drew”
17 LaMarcus Aldridge, POR No 394 Nice duo with Rookie of Year Damian Lillard
18 Deron Williams, BKN No 378 Did all he could before Nets fell short
19 Al Horford, ATL No 366 Great all-around
20 Al Jefferson, UTAH No 364 Almost willed Jazz into playoffs by himself
21 John Wall, WSH No 357 Dominant for Washington turnaround
22 Anthony Davis, NO No 340 No. 1 draft pick will be best in class when healthy
23 David Lee, GS YES 340 Stephen Curry not alone
24 Dwight Howard, LAL No 339 Despite the free throws, awesome
25 David West, IND YES 339 Marshall arts king can dominate

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