Bieber Enrages Hockey, Blackhawks Fans by Touching Stanley Cup

Bieber Enrages Hockey, Blackhawks Fans by Touching Stanley Cup

When a photo of Justin Bieber actually touching the sacred Stanley Cup was tweeted on Tuesday evening, Chicago Blackhawks and hockey fans became outraged that the bandwagon-jumping pop star would even have the chutzpah–let alone the opportunity–to lay his hand on the hardware.

Only those who had a role in helping Chicago win the Stanley Cup are supposed to be able to even have the privilege of touching Lord Stanley’s Cup. 

Peter Hassen, in the Blackhawks marketing department, tweeted out a photo of Bieber, with sunglasses and a “Bieber” Blackhawks jersey in the background. In his tweet, he wrote, “The Biebs meets THE CUP!!!”

As Mashable documented, Blackhawks fans took to Twitter to say they were “mad” and “sad” while other hockey fans expressed outrage at the Canadian pop star.

In another photo, Bieber is standing on the Blackhawks logo, violating another sacred code, which caused even more outrage.

The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup this year by defeating the Boston Bruins. 

Photo:@PJHASSEN Twitter account

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