Hockey Hall of Famer Mike Modano Asks, 'Where is Ronald Reagan?'

Hockey Hall of Famer Mike Modano Asks, 'Where is Ronald Reagan?'

Hockey Hall of Famer Mike Modano stirred a Twitter hornets’ nest when he tweeted “Where is Ronald Reagan?” on Monday bringing out the Reagan haters and riling the Obama apologists of the Twitterverse.

The former Minnesota North Stars/Dallas Stars center waded into oblique political commentary with a July 21 Tweet asking in all caps, “‘Where is Ronald Regan?” Not long afterward he corrected his spelling in another Tweet that simply said “Reagan.”

It seems pretty clear that Modano was asking where our political leadership is in Washington with our president practically ignoring events in Gaza, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Ukraine, and any number of other places while he spends time on the golf course, attending fundraisers, and having burgers and ice cream for photo ops.

That toe in the political waters brought out the Reagan haters and Obama lovers, for sure, as a series of replies mocked both the hockey player and the deceased president.

Typical of the hate-filled Tweets were such quips as “Dead. Thank God,” “*sings* he’s dead in the ground/dead in the ground/dead dead dead dead dead,” the fellow who insisted that Reagan was a “terrorist,” and the loquacious tweeter who claimed that Ronald Reagan “sucked.”

The left-wing Deadspin website piled on, highlighting the Tweeters who chimed in to attack both Modano and Ronald Reagan.

Modano has not offered any more politically-tinged tweets to follow his foray into current-events debates on Monday.

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