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Iran Extends Reach With Fight for Land Link to Mediterranean

Thousands of Iranian-backed fighters in Syria’s central desert region are advancing east, bringing Tehran closer to its goal of securing a corridor from its border, through Iraq and all the way to the Mediterranean and providing it unhindered land access to its allies in Syria and Lebanon for the first time.

Mavi Marmara

Report: Turkey, Israel Set to Agree Normalisation Deal

Turkey and Israel will this weekend announce a deal on normalising ties, ending a six-year diplomatic crisis sparked by a deadly Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla in which 10 Turkish nationals died, a report said Tuesday.


Italy Rescues 1,400 Migrants From Mediterranean In ONE Day

(Reuters) – Italian coast guard and navy vessels rescued nearly 1,400 migrants from boats and rubber dinghies in the southern Mediterranean on Tuesday, officials said, indicating numbers were rising as the weather warms up. About 570 were rescued by the

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Israeli Court Opens Hearings on Contentious Offshore Gas Deal

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Israel’s Supreme Court began hearings Wednesday on a contentious natural gas deal aimed at tapping major reserves in the Mediterranean that could lead to important shifts in the region’s energy supplies. The deal between the Israeli government and a

Witness: Unidentified Warplanes Are Striking ISIS in Libya

Airstrikes launched from unidentified warplanes targeted the southern and western region of the Mediterranean port city of Sirte in Libya, which has become the de facto base for the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) wing in the North African country, a witness told Reuters.

Record 137,000 Migrants Crossed Mediterranean This Year

A record 137,000 people made the perilous journey across the Mediterranean to Europe in the first half of 2015, most of them fleeing war, conflict and persecution, the United Nations said on Wednesday. “Europe is living through a maritime refugee