Federal Funding for Harvard in Jeopardy as Trump Administration Investigating Asian Admissions Practices

Harvard University is at risk of losing its federal funding thanks to a Trump administration investigation into affirmative action policies and their effect on asian students.

The Asian American Coalition for Education brought concerns about racial quotas to Harvard’s attention in 2015. They argued that asians are at an unfair disadvantage with regards to admission at institutions of higher learning.

And statistics might prove this to be true. According to a 2009 study by Princeton, students of asian descent “needed SAT scores that were about 140 points higher than white students, all other quantifiable variables being equal, to get into elite schools,” such as Harvard.

“We are happy hearing that and hope for concrete steps taken by President Trump’s Justice Department,” Chunyan Li, a representative from the Asian American Coalition for Education told the College Fix.

“Who is to say [former President Barack] Obama’s daughters should have preference over a Chinatown cook’s son?” Li added.

According to a report from the College Fix, Harvard puts its federal funding at risk if the Trump Justice Department finds it guilty of discriminatory admissions practices against Asian-Americans. President of Yukong Zhao of the Asian American Coalition for Education claims that the announcement from the Justice Department is “long overdue” and puts America back on the path to ensuring fair treatment for Asian-Americans in the college admissions process.

We expect that the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education will take concrete actions to help restore the spirit of American Dream: reward individual efforts and merits, and treat all individuals equally. …

We believe the fundamental way to achieve diversity is to reduce achievement gap in K-12 education, not through illegal racial balancing during college admissions. We would also support a socioeconomic status based policy if it effectively helps low-income families.

According to a report from the Crimson in 2015, Harvard University received $608 million in federal funding in 2014.

You can read the complaint from the Coalition of Asian-American Associations below.

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