Maureen Dowd Loves Obama's 'Superbrain'

Maureen Dowd Loves Obama's 'Superbrain'

DOWD: “Well it’s interesting because I can visualize, on this show, in about five years from now, you guys are going to be here and you’re going to be discussing Obama’s memoir, which he will have written, and it’s going to be the most brilliant political memoir outside of Ulysses Grant and Joe, you’re going to be saying –  You’re going be saying, “We still don’t, we’re still trying to figure out who this guy is. And, and he has these amazing insights. Why couldn’t he have applied that super-brain to Washington and gotten it to work better?”  

When we were at this brunch at the White House there were top-donors and there was a San Francisco tech guy who was saying he had told Obama “less here [Dowd points to her head] more here [points to heart].” You know?  And I think that’s the yearning you feel from people around him. Just stand up and do what’s in your heart.”

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