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Sean Hannity: 'You Can See the Potential Lining Up for World War III'

Sean Hannity: 'You Can See the Potential Lining Up for World War III'


On Friday’s broadcast of his radio show, conservative talk show host Sean Hannity warned that the current crisis underway in Iraq as the radicalized militia ISIS closes in on Iraq’s capital city Baghdad, is shaping up to be something far larger than just an isolated conflict.

Hannity explained that the situation could spread around the region and eventually grow to be the beginnings of World War III.

“I mean, do you realize if this spreads to Jordan and Turkey and throughout the region and then you have got a radicalized Iran, a radicalized Syria, a radicalized Iraq – and then you can move into Afghanistan, which will follow and Pakistan right behind that,” he said. “I mean, it’s almost as if – you know, I’ve said this before that I can see the pieces lining up when you have a radical ideology where people will die for the sick twisted evil belief system. You can see the potential lining up for World War III here at the end of the day by the time all is said and done when all the fallout comes together.”

“And you’re going to see a lot of this group,” he added. “You’re going to hear a lot of this group, ISIS – you watch. You heard it here first. But the president – he went on the South Lawn to say, ‘We’re still thinking about what we’re going to do. We’re thinking about it.’”

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