Watch: Breitbart's Darby on How to Stem the Flow of Illegals at Border on 'Hannity'

Watch: Breitbart's Darby on How to Stem the Flow of Illegals at Border on 'Hannity'

On Friday’s broadcast of “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, Breitbart Texas editor Brandon Darby made appearance alongside immigration attorney Francisco Hernandez, both of who had their ideas on how to stem the flow of illegal immigrants coming in from Central America through U.S.-Mexico border.

Both address security lapses at the border and the politics that led to this humanitarian crisis and offered ideas for solutions.

Hernandez suggested the solution rested in stopping the means by which those youth had gotten to the border, which was via train. Darby, however, proposed reverting to a page of the U.S. playbook in the 1980s, when undercover DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camerena was assassinated and the United States sought extradition of the suspects.

Transcript as follows:

HANNITY: Here to debate it from Texas —, we have Brandon Darby. Immigration attorney Francisco Hernandez is with us. Guys, good to see you, man. How’re you doing? Welcome.


HANNITY: We’re now getting along more than we ever have. You agree with me. Secure the border. Secure the border first.

FRANCISCO HERNANDEZ, IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY: Well, I agree with you, absolutely. I think we can do both things together, come up with a comprehensive immigration reform and secure the borders.

HANNITY: All right, listen, the Republicans aren’t going to agree on that. But would you agree with me that if the one area of consensus is controlling the border, which is not controlled, do that first.

HERNANDEZ: Sure. At the source, as well.

HANNITY: At the source — meaning — well, how do we — we can’t control what they’re doing in El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua and Yemen and Syria, as I learned today.

HERNANDEZ: We sure can. The problem is, by the time somebody comes up here without documents, intending to come to the United States, they’re not going to change their mind and say, I’m going to go back. They’re going to risk their lives. People are dying to come to America, Mr. Hannity. But listen, there’s a train that brings them every day. There’s one that was bringing 1,500…

HANNITY: What do you want us to do? You want us to tell them to stop the trains, stand in the middle of…

HERNANDEZ: Yes, stop the trains.

HANNITY: So we have the authority to go into other countries and stop the trains?




DARBY: Do what we did when our DEA agent was killed in the ’80s. When Kiki [Enrique Camarena] was killed, we put 100 percent inspection on every truck coming from Mexico, and they — all of a sudden, they handed…


HANNITY: He’s saying something different. Coming into the United States…

HERNANDEZ: Yes. We have a train coming all the way from Central America. OK, every single train from central traffic control in the railroad industry, every train in the Americas is monitored. We know where it is. They have to get access. There’s a rumor that a drug cartel bought a train. You don’t just put a train with 1,500 people in it…


HANNITY: If it is not in the United States, we don’t have any authority. They’re sovereign countries. We can’t go in there and stop the trains!


HERNANDEZ: Right. Absolutely. It’s all regulated among the Americas. We know where every train is…

HANNITY: Listen, I’m not saying…


HANNITY: … can’t apply political pressure. That’s very…

HERNANDEZ: There are at least three or four governments complicit in these trains bringing 1,500 people a day…

HANNITY: I’m not disagreeing with all of you. But if we — but hang on. But if we secure our border, it doesn’t matter who’s on that train because it ain’t getting into — they’re not getting into the country!

HERNANDEZ: But all we’re doing is defense. We have to go and stop this from…

DARBY: I want defense. I want defense. I want defense.

HERNANDEZ: Here’s the deal…

DARBY: We’re in the Rio Grande Valley sector right now. Right now, you see a lot of — you see these boats behind you. I was here last week. These boats weren’t here. They just started to show up because…

HERNANDEZ: Well, the cameras are here, too.

DARBY: The cameras are here. But all of…


HERNANDEZ: … doing their job.

DARBY: … 350 miles — and it’s not their fault. It’s not their fault, by any means.

HANNITY: No, listen…


HANNITY: About 30 minutes ago, they just caught a family of — about a quarter of a mile right down the road, they got a family from El Salvador, about seven people.

HERNANDEZ: It’s a shame!

DARBY: Three hundred miles this way. When you go 300 miles this way and you through the Laredo — when you go up the river, you go through the Laredo sector and the Del Rio sector, it is a gaping hole in enforcement. The Laredo sector union guy you had on earlier, Hector, wonderful man — he said that there is 70 percent of the border patrol agents are not assigned on the border. They’re taking care of the unaccompanied children…

HANNITY: He was saying that the borders are more porous because of what’s going on…

DARBY: Because of this crisis.


HANNITY: All right, let me ask you this.


HANNITY: … Governor Palin. I would argue that if the Republicans that have constitutionally the power of the purse and they wouldn’t defund ObamaCare, the idea there would be any movement towards the president on this or any of the lawlessness or the fact that he rewrites laws, doesn’t enforce laws changes laws unilaterally…

DARBY: I’m agreeing with you.

HANNITY: I don’t think they’re going to — they won’t cut off funding. It’s a nonstarter?


HANNITY: I think she’s right on principle. She’s right on the law. She’s right on constitutional issues about executive power versus…

HERNANDEZ: Well, but Mr. Hannity, you can’t — the president can defend himself. But nobody — we can’t blame that all these folks are dying, literally, to come to America.

HANNITY: That’s not…


HANNITY: Well, stop! That’s not the point. The reason you see this exponential rise in people coming here is because word’s gotten out that, number, the president’s given amnesty to kids…


HANNITY: No, excuse me. The 2008 law that he changed, number two. And number three, the fact that he’s not been enforcing immigration law!

HERNANDEZ: Well, he didn’t change the law by himself. Congress had to pass, including the…

HANNITY: It was his Democratic Party…


DARBY: … and some Republicans — I’m going to agree with…


HANNITY: … in 2008.

DARBY: There’s some Republicans involved in that. But I’m going to tell you something. Those are the Republicans who were playing ball with the Democratic Party. This wasn’t the Republicans on the conservative side doing this. So what we have here — and we released a document on Breitbart the other day about this from the DHS. It was a released internal memo…

HANNITY: I saw that.

DARBY: … and it said that, yes, there are factors in those countries that make people want to leave there. Of course there are. But it also said that the fact that 98 percent — and now this year, actually 99.9 percent effectively illegally migrate into the United States is a big factor in why they are coming. We can’t isolate from that.

HERNANDEZ: I think we ought to agree there ought to be a system where the people for jobs that are available in a proper, orderly way ought to exist. But it doesn’t exist.

HANNITY: Hang on a second. There are 50 million Americans in poverty, 50 million Americans on food stamps, and now people coming in. They all need jobs. That’s taking jobs away from Americans out of work.

HERNANDEZ: Except we’re filling the void for the jobs that the United States citizens don’t want to take.

HANNITY: You’re saying those 50 million Americans on food stamps don’t want to work.

HERNANDEZ: There are a lot of jobs —

HANNITY: So 50 million Americans on food stamps don’t want to work?

HERNANDEZ: Yes. They don’t want that job, absolutely.


DARBY: They’re not going to get up on a roof in 105-degree —

DARBY: When I was doing this before Breitbart hired me, I did roofing jobs to be able to go around —

HERNANDEZ: I did too.

HANNITY: We all did roofs. I fell off three stories.

DARBY: I did ten feet up.

HANNITY: It knocked some sense into me. I was —

DARBY: Here’s the bottom line. The bottom line is this. There’s so many costs, there’s so many — this has caused so many problems for us in Texas. We now have tens of thousands of unaccompanied children who do not speak English. And who knows what school district they’re going to be in come August? We don’t even know what school district they’ll be in. The federal government says we have to teach everyone.

HERNANDEZ: I’m with you on that. We should teach them English first.

DARBY: The problems are beyond —

HANNITY: Let’s go to a solution here because I think Governor Perry had a good idea. The president said he was open to it, send the National Guard while they’re training at least 3,000 new border agents that they’re going to need to secure the Texas corridor. Would you support that, National Guard in the interim while we train new agents that need to be hired?

DARBY: All we’re doing — look, I’m for it, but we’re putting a finger in the dike —

HANNITY: No, no What he’s saying if you use the predator drones, surveillance technology, that we can have — we can have instant response teams —

HERNANDEZ: We can try but the problem is these folks have made it here. They’re not going to turn back. They’re dying in the desert.

HANNITY: You had —

DARBY: You have 195,000 by the year end.

HERNANDEZ: But we’ve given them an incentive long before even President Obama came that if they got here by hook or crook they could stay.


HANNITY: Obama won’t change it.

HERNANDEZ: Obama can’t change the law. Congress —

DARBY: He says he can change the law all the time.

HERNANDEZ: If Congress can do it, let’s have a proposal.

HANNITY: That was his law.

HERNANDEZ: That was not his law. He didn’t pass it. He signed it.

HANNITY: It’s happened in —

DARBY: That can overturn it today.

HANNITY: Thank you, 2009. Thank you. All right, good to see you. I don’t get to see you in person very often.


HANNITY: I thought we were actually beginning to get along.


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