Ben Carson: St Louis Rioters Fail to Recognize the Lessons of MLK

Ben Carson: St Louis Rioters Fail to Recognize the Lessons of MLK

On Tuesday’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson took on the uproar in some St. Louis suburbs over the death of Michael Brown.

Carson argued that the rioters don’t realize they are hurting more than helping further the cause of the alleged injustice and suggested they look at how Martin Luther King, Jr. handled those injustices.

“Unfortunately, I think these people, perhaps, have not studied history,” Carson said. “The reason that Dr. Martin Luther King was so effective is because he quelled the temptation towards violence and in fact brought a lot of attention to the injustices that were being done. If in case injustice has been done in this case and we don’t know that yet because we have got to let the process take place, but if it has, by rioting, by hurting people who have nothing to do with the incident — the people engaged in that are actually detracting from the actual injustice that was done. So, they are not helping this family. They are not helping this young man’s memory by what they are doing. And I hope that there will be some leaders who will point that out to people to help them understand that.”

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