Buchanan: Israel Has a Border Fence — 'Why Don't We Do That?'

Buchanan: Israel Has a Border Fence — 'Why Don't We Do That?'

Conservative columnist and author Pat Buchanan argued that the threat of terrorists crossing the border should compel the United States to build a border fence like Israel’s on Wednesday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

“Look what the Israelis have done in the Negev Desert … they’ve had the terrorists walking across into Israel, they built a security fence … to stop the folks coming across the Sinai Desert and why don’t we do that?” he stated.

Buchanan also predicted that Europe would be “lost” due to the influx of unassimilated immigrants flooding the continent, saying, “The place that’s going to be invaded and lost right now [is Europe] … they’re pouring out of the Middle East and they’re pouring out of Africa … they’re coming to Europe to fill up the empty places left by the European nations, not one of whom has a fertility rate that will enable it to keep its population alive.”

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