Watch: Greg Maddux Pranks Cubs’ Kris Bryant

Chicago Cubs third baseman and 2016 National League MVP Kris Bryant met his match when he faced someone working as the sound guy for a Red Bull ad.

As Bryant took swings for the ad, the sound guy critiqued his hitting, which obviously annoyed him.

The pitcher had to leave, so the sound guy offered to step in.

Bryant “doubted” him at first, but quickly realized he was pretty good.

“This sound guy has got a good curveball. What is this?” Bryant said after taking a pitch. “He’s pretty good.”

After a round of pitches, the new pitcher asked Bryant to sign a bat for Greg Maddux, Hall of Fame pitcher with the Atlanta Braves and Cubs.

“You still want my bat?” Bryant asked.

Maddux quickly replied, “No.”

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