Hillary: ‘Don’t Know’ If There Should Be an Asterisk Next to Trump’s Name Because of Russia – ‘Don’t Have All the Facts’

During an interview broadcast of Wednesday’s edition of CNN’s “AC360,” former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton answered a question on whether she thinks there should be an asterisk next to President Trump’s name in the history books due to Russia’s involvement by saying she doesn’t know and we don’t have all the facts.

Host Anderson Cooper asked Hillary, “Because of Russia’s role, do you think there should be an asterisk next to President Trump’s name in the history books?”

She answered, “Look, I don’t know. We don’t know. We don’t have all the facts yet. What I believe we now know, they paid for Facebook ads, and those were disseminated broadly. We know that they had access to targeting and data information from somewhere, maybe internally, maybe help externally. We know that they had Russians pretending to be Americans, who were, online and in person, trying to foment negative stories about me and positive ones about Trump. We know there was a huge amount of content being produced in places like Macedonia. We know that WikiLeaks, which is basically a front now for Putin, was more than willing to publish stolen emails, from the DNC, from John Podesta. And that then those emails were weaponized with ridiculous, absurd, untrue stories being churned out, on and on. So, there’s a lot we know already.”

Later on, Cooper stated, “Republicans will say no vote was ever changed, this did not effect the outcome of the election.”

Hillary responded, “Well, I would say two things: This was a highly sophisticated influence operation. I believe it did effect people’s votes.” She added, “I think it cost me votes.”

Cooper also asked, “But you think this Russian interference was not enough to have cost you the election if Director Comey hadn’t reopened that investigation?”

Hillary said, “That’s what I believe. I believe, though, it became a perfect storm.”

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