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Brooks: Hillary ‘Way Overpriced’

New York Times columnist David Brooks argued that Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is “way overpriced” on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour.” “The general assumption it’s Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney, some of the old guys, or Hillary Clinton … I think she’s way overpriced, and

Buchanan Criticizes Israelis, Boehner For Netanyahu Invite

Columnist Pat Buchanan argued that the declining relationship between the US and Israel was due in part to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.” Buchanan argued there

Jenkins Touts Expanding 529s In GOP Weekly Address

Representative Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) promoted her plan to expand 529 college savings accounts during Saturday’s GOP Weekly Address. Transcript as Follows:  “Good morning.  I’m Lynn Jenkins, Congresswoman from the Second District of Kansas and Vice-Chair of the House Republican Conference.

Bill Maher: Socialism Created the Middle Class

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher argued that Socialism created America’s thriving middle class on Friday. While Maher admitted that the middle class is struggling, he criticized Republicans for talking about middle class struggles because “up until like Thursday, the

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