Ted Cruz: I Can Rally the Right

Ted Cruz
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

From the New Hampshire Union Leader:

MANCHESTER – In his first visit to New Hampshire as a declared candidate for President, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz drew a line in the sand, one that he hopes will separate him from the rest of the pack in a crowded Republican primary.

He embraced his reputation as the most conservative candidate as his surest path to victory.

“I think the way we win elections, is you draw that line,” he said in a meeting with New Hampshire Union Leader editors and reporters after a day of campaigning. “You make the election a meaningful choice – one that matters, one that will make a difference to you and your family.”

Republicans lost the White House in 2008 and again in 2012, he said, because Sen. John McCain and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney failed to ignite conservative passions.

“The central question if Republicans are going to win in 2016 is how do we bring back to the polls the millions of conservatives who stayed home,” he said. “I see others in the race who I respect, but who are not going to mobilize and inspire those conservatives. Every time Republicans run to the mushy middle, we lose.”

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