Hillary’s Biggest Support Group, The Media

AFP Photo / Michael B. Thomas
AFP Photo / Michael B. Thomas
Washington, DC

One would think this National Journal headline is almost poking fun at Hillary, given that she’s attracting more journalists than potential voters. But you’d better think, again:

Reporters Outnumber Voters as Hillary Clinton Opens Campaign in Iowa

The story spins that as a positive.

“But the dozens of reporters both in the room and chasing after her van outside were a reminder of just how difficult it will be for one of the most recognizable public figures in the world to hold events that truly feel intimate,” it says.

While it’s true the media is reporting the event accurately, that may be the precise image Team Hillary wants to convey of the candidate. This is as much a makeover for Hillary as it is anything else. And the ultimate goal is to make her “one of us,” in the sense of the American people, as opposed to the long-long-term global political figure she is. If Mitt Romney had seen the media make over his image this way in 2012, instead of transforming him into an out-of-touch plutocrat, he’d likely be president today. Back to the National Journal piece:

Gone are the soaring speeches and the big rally crowds, swapped out for roundtable discussions and meet-and-greets with local activists. On Tuesday, for example, Clinton was seated at a table with just seven other people for the discussion, with an audience of another 15.