Exclusive — Donald Trump’s N.Y. Co-Chair Predicts He Wins All N.Y., Blasts Ted Cruz’s ‘Texas Values’

Trump points smiles AP

Donald Trump will win all of New York’s 95 GOP delegates, says the New York co-chair of his campaign, Carl Paladino, who also blasted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for his opposition to Hurricane Sandy relief.

“Cruz has no business even being in this state … He’s out on Long Island and he’s campaigning as though nobody understands who he is,” Paladino told Breitbart News.

Here is a guy who voted [in 2013] against emergency aid for Sandy, for that Hurricane. He called the emergency aid a boondoggle and voted against it for over 100,000 N.Y. families who suffered from super-storm Sandy.  Maybe that’s Texas values, huh?  Remember how he talked about New York values?

New Yorkers all over the state will have the opportunity to see Mr. Trump between now and the primary election on April 19, Paladino said. 

He’s going to be everywhere, in every major population area and even some lesser population areas. He has a program set up that is a real challenge for any human being… My God, I prepared the schedule, believe me! They said give us all you can give us and I certainly did. He is going to Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Syracuse. He is going to be in the lower Hudson, he’s going to be out on Long Island again, he’s all over New York City. He has a very interesting schedule.

The campaign expects Mr. Trump’s blistering schedule to pay off.

“He’s going to get every one of the delegates — every one,” Paladino said. “We won’t accept anything but every one. I think we are going reach 65 percent. I think he is going to beat my 63 percent that I polled when I ran against [Rick] Lazio.”

Paladino even expects the anti-Trump protesters to inadvertently bolster the Trump campaign. 

“You know you are always going to get your wackos and they come out in droves when they see an issue that they think they can impact,” Paladino said. “We know there is people out there like that and it’s just unfortunate that they don’t realize how they actually help the candidate, by bringing a certain sympathy to the candidate for the wild-eyed statements they make.”