Michele Bachmann Shows Hillary Clinton How to Use NYC Subway

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From Twitter

In a short but sweet tweet, former Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann shows Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton how easy it is to get through the turnstiles in New York City subway system.

Clinton was flummoxed during a photo op yesterday.

Had Michele Bachmann faced difficulty using a subway, one would imagine that it would’ve been breaking news for the liberal media.

Instead, CNN put the detail in the fourth paragraph of its story and said it made her “like most New Yorkers.”

Hillary Clinton was on the subway. And New Yorkers were totally unfazed.

Clinton, arguably the most famous woman in the United States, boarded the 4 train going uptown on Thursday morning, nearly at the peak of rush-hour traffic. Followed by over a dozen reporters and cameras, Clinton tried to make a chaotic situation seem normal.

She last took the subway a year and a half or two years ago, she said. But the sight of the former secretary of state riding the rails looked out of place for the candidate more used to riding in a Secret Service protected van and private jet.

And like most New Yorkers, it took Clinton multiple swipes at the turnstile of her MetroCard to grant her access to the campaign photo op.

Bachmann was ahead of her time in on many issues, such as warning Americans about Hillary Clinton’s assistant Huma Abedin and her connection to the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as being one of the first politicians to talk about the massive fraud in the Pigford farmers scandal. Abedin is currently under investigation by the FBI for her role in the Hillary Clinton email server scandal and Pigford became a front-page New York Times story.

At press time, there was no word as to whether Mrs. Clinton had studied Bachmann’s helpful video.

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