New York Military Academy Blocks Alumni from Trump Event

Donald Trump NY Military Academy Seth Poppel Yearbook Library
Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library

Donald Trump is set to speak at his alma-mater New York Military Academy tomorrow at 2pm. The event itself is closed to the public and is invite only.

Many of the faculty, students, and alumni were unable to attend because of the exclusivity of the event, although there was an outpouring of interest by alumni to attend. Yesterday President of the Academy, Anthony Desa, released a statement regarding the event:
NYMA Statement
The 127-year-old institution is one of the last remaining military high schools in the country. Six miles from West Point, the small military academy along the Hudson River is where Donald Trump got his start. NYMA is very close to Trump and is one of the many reasons why the man has reached the level  of success he has.
New York Military Academy Sign
Disclosure: Jennifer Lawrence is a 2005 New York Military Academy Graduate