Donald Trump: ‘Cruz Is in Free Fall,’ Kasich’s Eating ‘Not Presidential’

Trump Pennsylvania Mark Makela Getty
Mark Makela Getty
Washington, DC

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump bashed his competitors Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich during his second campaign rally on Monday at West Chester University in Pennsylvania.

“I better be careful not to be too presidential, folks,” Trump said about his strategy and how he has defeated nearly 16 competitors. “It’s been so much fun,” and “so interesting.”

“Cruz is in a free fall,” the billionaire said, referencing Cruz’s third place finish in the New York primary last week.

“I’ve debated him 11 times,” Trump said, responding to recent reports that Cruz wants to debate Trump again. “We’ve beat him 11 times according to every single poll,” Trump bragged. “How many times can you answer the same question about the same people?”

Trump blasted Cruz on job creation, saying, “He doesn’t know what the word means.”

The Republican frontrunner also criticized Kasich for how he eats during press conferences, which occurred earlier in the day, jabbing, “That’s not presidential!”

“All of a sudden, he started getting the image like he was a nice guy. He’s not a nice guy. Take a look at the early debates, the way he came after me, and the way I said, ‘But you headed up Lehman Brothers … [it] almost brought down the country,’” Trump said of Kasich. “What the hell are you doing running for president?”

Trump also commented on the coordination by the Cruz and Kasich campaigns about trying to deny Trump obtaining 1,237 delegates to clinch the GOP nomination.

Late Sunday night Cruz and Kasich released statements saying Cruz will focus on Indiana and Kasich will focus on Oregon and New Mexico in order to stop Trump in upcoming primaries.

“He broke the deal!” Trump said of Kasich, referencing how less than 24-hours later, Kasich told Indiana voters to vote for him. “This is politicians, folks.”

Trump also commented on the Republican Party primary process.

“When you have millions of more votes more, it’s supposed to be yours,” Trump said about the GOP nomination. “It’s as crooked almost as Hillary Clinton,” Trump added about the process. “You certainly should win on the first ballot when you’re millions of votes ahead.”