***Horse Race LiveWire*** Trump Sweeps Super Tuesday

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are looking for Super Tuesday sweeps as voters in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware cast their votes today. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates.

All times eastern.

1:12: Mainstream media wowed by Trump’s dominant night.

12:58: On MSNBC, none other than Hugh Hewitt predicts that even if Trump gets really close to 1,237 delegates, “you might still see… the Rules Committee enable the Republican Party to reject him.” He says “anything can happen.”

12:10: More good news for Trump:

11:55: Kasich campaign, RedState in denial:

11:15: Incompetent #NeverTrump professional tacticians doing what they do best–losing.

11:06: Sanders vows to stay in the race until “the last vote is cast.”

11:00: David Axelrod is as savvy as they come. The tone of his voice lets you know that he, unlike folks like S.E. Cupp who have gotten nearly everything wrong this election cycle, knows how formidable Trump will be in a general election. Axelrod was the top strategist for a relatively “outsider” candidate who mobilized disaffected black voters in the 2008 Dem. primary against Clinton just like Trump can mobilize disaffected blue-collar white voters in 2016.

10:55: On CNN, Paul Begala says the incompetent “Stop Trump” movement turned into the “strengthen Trump” movement because voters are fed up with the GOP establishment and their professional tacticians.

10:53: Newt: If Trump gets nomination before convention, challenge for GOP establishment will be to “get over it.”

10:45: CNN’s estimates number of delegates Trump will get:

10:36: Clinton projected to win Connecticut, going 4-5 on the night.

10:34: Trump says the  only thing Hillary has going is the “women card” and women don’t like her. He says Clinton would not get 5% of the vote if she were a man.

10:26: Trump says the top security threat to the U.S. is always “nuclear” and the “power of weaponry.” He says we have to be “unbelievably careful” and then Trump says the biggest threat is not global warming. He says we cannot let Iran get a nuclear weapon

10:25: Asked about what would be the biggest contrast with Clinton, Trump says there will be a lot of contrasts re: jobs and Wall Street. He says Clinton will get the nomination unless she gets indicted because of her email scandal and says Clinton is funded by Wall Street. He says what Clinton did was an “absolute criminal outrage.” Trump says maybe Sanders is not dropping out/finished because Clinton may be indicted. He adds that she is “being protected by Democrats.” Trump says Clinton is a “flawed candidate” and will be easier to beat than his GOP primary opponents.

10:24: “We don’t have a ceiling,” Trump says, adding that his ceiling may be 100%. Trump asks how someone hits 50% when there are 16 people in the race and says talk of a  “ceiling” was always unfair. Trump thinks he can win New York

10:23: Trump says he will never change re: “Make America Great Again.” He says NATO needs to pay up and then says there won’t necessarily be a “Trump Doctrine” because you have to be flexible since circumstances can change year after year. He says you can’t say “this is my doctrine and I will not move.”

10:21: Trump says he thinks the GOP is now seeing him as the “presumptive nominee.” He says people who have said terrible things about him in the past now want to join his team. “Names you wouldn’t believe,” he insists. “A lot of it will be coming out soon.”

10:18: Trump blasts “crooked Hillary” and says her husband signed NAFTA, which “destroyed our country.” He says Hillary knows “nothing about jobs except for jobs about herself” and will be “terrible” on economic development. He says Clinton was “sleeping” when she got the 3 a.m. phone call regarding Benghazi. Trump says Hillary doesn’t have the “strength” or the “stamina” to “deal with China or other things.” He says he will do far better for women than Clinton will ever do, which includes protecting our country. Trump cites Clinton’s Iraq vote and he mentions that Sanders said Clinton was not qualified to be president. Trump again says that Sanders should run as an independent.

10:15: “No, I am me,” Trump says when asked if he is “playing a part.” Trump says “I’m not changing” and says he is going to “represent our country with dignity.” He mentions that he went to the best schools and says if an NFL team makes it to the Super Bowl, they don’t just change their quarterback.

10:14: Trump says Cruz is “wasting his time” vetting running mates. He said he thought Cruz was holding a news conference tonight to drop out. Trump says he will have a committee in the future to vet potential running mates.

10:12: Trump says PA delegates have a “moral obligation” to support him because he won by such a commanding margin. He says he is honored that he hit over 60% in virtually every race with three people in the race .

10:08: Trump now taking questions. “I consider myself the presumptive nominee,” Trump says.  He says he “unifies people” and Messrs. Kasich/Cruz should get out of the race.

10:05: Trump well on his way to winning more than half of the nominating contests:

10:01: Trump wants to thank the media for covering him fairly for the last few hours and the few weeks. Trump says the best way to beat the system is to “have evenings like this.” Trump says when a boxer KOs the other boxer, you don’t have to wait around of the decision. He says he has millions more votes than Cruz and Kasich. Again, Trump is just rambling on about process instead of his vision for the country. Another wasted opportunity on a national stage when all eyes are on him.

10:00: Trump says he is going to go to Indiana. He is again rambling on about process instead of talking about his vision. He mentions that Bobby Knight is the “gold standard” for Indiana. He says Knight is “tough” and “smart” and “he wins.”

9:58: A victorious Trump takes the stage at Trump Tower. He speaks before the music cuts off. He says this is a “far bigger win than we expected.”

9:55: On CNN, David Axelrod says most of the professional Democrats fear Trump much more than Cruz (it’s because Cruz telegraphs all of his messages, attacks and would be easy to counterpunch. Trump is so unpredictable that professional and unimaginative tacticians who have trouble thinking on their feet will have trouble coming up with canned lines for Clinton to use against Trump).

9:25: Sanders wins Rhode Island, prevents Clinton from getting clean sweep like Trump.

9:23: Clinton says we want America to be in the “future business” where we break down barriers instead of building walls. She wants to imagine a tomorrow where “love trumps hate.”

9:22: Clinton yells “deal me in” on playing the women’s card, echoing what she says in her standard stump speech while referencing Trump’s comments about Clinton’s use of the gender card.

9:15: Fox News’s Stirewalt, who had been vocally anti-Trump, says populists taking over GOP. Earlier on MSNBC, Nicolle Wallace said the voters are prevailing over the party’s establishment.

9:10: Hillary Clinton, in Pennsylvania, thanks Dem. leaders in Pennsylvania. She also thanks the 42nd president of the United States, “my husband.” She says “with your help, we’re going to come back to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention with the most votes and the most pledged delegates. And we will unify our party to win this election and build an America where we can all rise together.” She says her campaign is about restoring confidence in the ability to solve problems. She says Republicans would demonize “terror-hating Muslims” who we need in the fight against terror.

8:47:Clinton projected to win Pennsylvania.

8:30: Trump, Clinton projected to win Delaware. With his Delaware win, Trump takes the brooms out and gets a clean Super Acela Tuesday Sweep.

8:26: Chuck Todd says that pundits for the longest time used to talk about Trump’s supposed “ceiling” and he may now get over 60% in multiple states tonight. Todd says we may look back at tonight and say it was “beginning the end” of the primary battle.  Todd says a Cruz operative told him that they would be able to hold Trump under 1,000 delegates before the convention but notes that Trump can possibly reach 1,000 tonight. Todd says if these numbers hold, Trump has a “clear” and not a “narrow” path to the nomination.

8:23: Trump projected to win Rhode Island. 

8:08: In West Virginia, Sanders says a lot has happened in the last year.  Sanders says he will win in West Virginia and now national polls don’t show him 60 points down to Clinton like they did when he entered the race and the pundits declared that he was a “fringe candidate.” He says he is the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump. He says independents should be allowed to vote in Dem. primaries. “Those folks and independents all over the country will be voting in November for the next president of the United States,” he says. Sanders says he is generating this enthusiasm because he is telling the truth, which is something “very unusual in contemporary politics.” Sanders says we can’t sweep the hard realities of life under the rug and also chides the media for not dealing with, in most cases, the realities of our lives because they are owned by large corporations.

8:03: According to CNN, Trump won white Evangelicals by nearly 30 points in Pennsylvania over Cruz (58%-29%) and they made up 42% of the GOP primary electorate. In Connecticut, those angry at the federal government overwhelmingly supported Trump over Cruz (65% to 17%) and they made up 43% of the electorate. And in Maryland, 61% of “very conservative” voters in Maryland supported Trump. Cruz got only 28%, and these reportedly voters made up 28% of the vote.

8:02: Good point about Cruz’s failures in the SEC states. Got rolled over like he was an Alabama opponent in college football.



7:55: Fell a bit flat.

7:52: Sarah Huckabee hopes Cruz will get out of the race so the GOP can focus on beating Clinton:

7:47: In Indiana, Ted Cruz, speaking before polls close in the Acela states, says Trump is “expected to have a good night.” He says Trump is likely to win some states and the media will be “excited over Donald Trump’s victories” and the media will say Trump is the Republican nominee. He says they are eager to crown Trump because the network executives are “ready for Hillary.” He says the campaign will move back to “more favorable terrain” in Indiana and Nebraska and North Dakota and Montana and Washington and California.

7:45: Sanders testing Clinton’s patience:

7:25: “Stop Trump” clown show of stale GOP operatives proving why they have been so incompetent over the years and are only good at getting media hits for themselves and schmoozing with the mainstream press:

7:15: Cruz considering announcing running mate before IN primary:

7:02: On MSNBC, Trump’s national political director Rick Wiley expects a “good night” and says the race will take a turn tonight because Cruz will be “mathematically eliminated.” He says Trump will be a stronger general election candidate than the pundits think. He says the campaign will get the 1,237  and says people must have forgotten to inform Kasich that there was a Cruz-Kasich alliance. On Trump’s tone, Wiley says “Donald Trump the victor” is going to show up at Trump Tower tonight. He says the Trump campaign looks forward to a contest against Clinton in the fall and says her comments about Trump being out of touch with Americans are “rich” coming from Clinton. He cites Clinton’s “Scooby van” in Iowa. Regarding the reported acrimony between Manafort and Lewandowski, Wiley says it’s “much ado about nothing.” Wiley, who was Walker’s campaign manager, says we ran into a “buzzsaw” in Donald Trump. He says voters are looking for a true outsider and Trump is that “true outsider.”

6:50: Rhode Island Trump supporters tired of “sleazy”efforts to deny Trump the nomination and career politicians “living off the system.”

6:45: Strong majority of GOP primary voters in yet another state support Trump’s temporary Muslim ban:

6:40: Sanders supporters booing Clinton in West Virginia:

6:35: Cruz getting ready for Indiana rally:

6:30: Interesting bit of news about Manafort:

6:25: On MSNBC, Nicolle Wallace jokes that the because of the Trump campaign, positions like the one she had (professional communications director) will probably not exist. That’s not a bad thing for future candidates given how terribly she did her job and only sought to increase her stature by trashing Republicans in order to be liked by the mainstream media elite.

6:15: Interesting scene in West Virginia:

5:53: Trump, who seems to have a fixation with being on the magazine’s cover, to attend Time 100 Gala tonight:

5:45: Dems. think primary has energized party. GOP voters believe primary has divided theirs.

5:33: Dem Exit Polls: According to ABC, “Clinton leads Sanders by 20 percentage points in preference to handle gun policy in preliminary exit poll results, with little variation among states today. She beat Sanders by a similar 60-36 percent on this question in New York.” Dem. primary voters also think Clinton has a better chance of beating Trump in November than Sanders.

5:30: PA GOP Exit Poll: 60% of GOP Primary voters in PA feel “betrayed” by Republican leaders.

5:26: Only 25% of Pennsylvania GOP  primary voters would “definitely” vote for Cruz in the general election.

5:25: GOP exit polls: “Nearly six in 10 GOP primary voters across today’s primaries say they decided on their candidate more than a month ago, on pace to break the record of 55 percent in New York last week.” According to ABC, GOP primary voters in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Connecticut also said that “Wall Street does more to hurt than help the U.S. economy – nearly half in Pennsylvania, four in 10 in Connecticut and a third in Maryland. Anti-trade voters have been good groups for Trump in previous contests.”

5:22: Exit polls: “More than eight in 10 Trump voters say their vote was “mainly for your candidate” rather than against his opponents,” according to ABC News.

5:17: GOP exit polling: Strong Majority of GOP voters believe candidate who gets the most votes should be nominee:

Connecticut: 68%

Maryland: 66%

Pennsylvania: 70%:

5:15: PA Dem. Exit poll: 17% black, 10% under 30, and 26% “very liberal.”

Maryland exit polls:

5:03: Chuck Todd says that the “Stop Trump” movement is in “dire straits” and the “Stop Trump” movement must be asking, “what the heck happened?” He adds that the Cruz-Kasich alliance in crumbling on multiple fronts. The “Stop Trump” clown show (consisting mostly of establishment operatives looking for ways to be relevant this election cycle) ran the clock out on itself and could still go bust even if Trump loses Indiana, according to Todd.

5:00: Exit polls expected soon. No exit polling in Rhode Island and Delaware.

4:55: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), whom Bill Clinton cited as the top authority for progressives, says Clinton should allow Sanders to help write the party’s platform.

“Bernie is painted in bright colors, and Hillary is more black and white details,” Brown told the Washington Post. “How you mesh those two is a tricky process.”

4:43: Trump to participate in Indiana town hall, moderated by Greta Van Susteren, on Wednesday. Bobby Knight will also campaign with Trump on Wednesday.

4:37: Candidate for PA unbound delegate says Cruz-Kasich pact already backfiring:

4:33: Good point about Trump’s supposed ceiling:

4:30: NY AG Believes Trump will be an essential witness at Trump University trial:

4:35: Why Cruz Campaign Is Bracing for Bad Acela Tuesday:

4:23: Pence Still on Fence in Indiana:

4:16: Trump campaign hammering “Lyin’ Ted.”

4:11: Lewandowski also claims that the “back-and-forth tug-of-war” in media reports does not exist.

4:05: On CNN, Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski says the campaign is anticipating a very good night but won’t make a “bold prediction” on the number of delegates the campaign will pick up. He says after tonight, Cruz will be “mathematically eliminated” from getting the nomination on the first ballot. He says that after tonight, Messrs. Cruz/Kasich should back Trump to unite the Republican Party. He says Trump and his message will “never change.” He says the motto of the campaign has and will be “Let Mr. Trump be Mr. Trump.”

3:54: Trying to appeal to blue-collar workers who are supporting Trump and Sanders, Clinton, in Indiana, talks about treating workers as the “assets as they are” and not as “costs to be cut.” She brings up Carrier. She then says trade is not completely responsible for the struggles of blue-collar workers. She also blames CEOs who put their bonuses and making a “quick buck” above workers and activist shareholders. She vows to fight China and CEOs and says she will make CEOs “pay a price” if they “cut and run.”

3:52: Elite Leaders of Labor Unions Planning to Attack Trump Because They Fear Union Workers Will Support Him in General Election:

The majority of America’s almost 15 million unionized workers can be usually be relied upon to back the Democratic candidate in a presidential year, but leaders are concerned by Trump’s populist message on trade and jobs – and his insistence that union workers are just one of many groups on a long list of those he claims “love” him.

3:50: Judge refuses summary judgment in Trump University lawsuit:

3:39: Thomas Sowell rips Trump:

Donald Trump is not an evil man like Hitler. But his headstrong shallowness and fecklessness make him a dangerous man to have in the White House, with our enemies around the world on the march, and developing intercontinental missiles that can deliver nuclear bombs.

A President of the United States has many heavy responsibilities beyond building a wall and fighting the Republican establishment.

Just the thought of Trump appointing justices of the Supreme Court, who will have lifetime tenure and make decisions, for decades, that will determine whether we will still be a free people, should sober up all who have not been irretrievably hypnotized by rhetoric or so embittered by the betrayals of the Republican establishment that they can see little else, including life and death issues.

3:35: Trump’s children reportedly wooing uncommitted PA delegates:

3:32: Harry Reid agrees with Trump on Tom Brady:

3:31: The always colorful Christie:

3:30: Bill and Hillary in Indiana before going back to Pennsylvania for election night:

3:25: Sanders to reportedly “reassess” campaign after tonight’s results:

3:22: Jane Sanders dismisses Trump’s call for Sanders to run as an independent. She also says Sanders will release more tax returns when Clinton releases her transcripts of her Wall Street transcripts.

3:20: Cruz targeting absentee voters in Indiana:

3:17: Kasich missing from Oregon voter pamphlet:

3:15: Anti-Trump forces going all-in in Indiana:

3:02: Song unfortunately did not help the Minnesota Wild:

2:58: Bigger venue (Mayflower Hotel) apparently needed for Trump’s foreign policy speech tomorrow:


2:55: Tony Lee: Trump’s campaign still lacks a Lyn Nofziger or Mike Deaver. Trump’s challenge is to bring in some insiders who can help him navigate some of the more byzantine convention rules and with organization while NOT allowing establishment figures like Manafort to use him and his campaign to further their interests, enhance their profiles, and line their pockets. As I’ve said before, Trump is still just a flame-thrower with great potential. He needs someone on his team who can be the equivalent of a Ron Perranoski or Leo Mazzone (pitching coaches Jim Turner/Mel Stottlemyre may resonate more with Trump the Yankee fan) to turn him into an actual pitcher and allow him to realize his potential to win the White House or he will get run over by the Clinton/mainstream media machine in the general election.

2:52: Walker going to GOP convention as a delegate,  Rubio playing dumb re: Super Tuesday:


2:50: Pro-Hillary Group Denies Taking Down Pro-Sanders Facebook Pages With “Porn Attacks.”

“According to eyewitness reports, the pages were flooded with pornographic images in what appeared to be coordinated fashion and then flagged for obscene content, prompting Facebook to remove them.”

2:42: Thunderstorm watch in Super Tuesday primary states:

2:32: Sanders highlighting Trump/Clinton relationship in fundraising pitch:

2:25: Trump’s somewhat risky PA delegate strategy:

2:22: Trump will not attend Republican Party of Virginia Convention and was never scheduled to speak there:

2:20: Bill Clinton will again join Hillary Clinton at her Pennsylvania victory rally tonight:


2:19: Sanders campaign still vowing to go forward hours after floating Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as a potential running mate:

2:10: What to look for on the GOP side tonight: