David Bossie: Cruz Campaign ‘in a Fetal Position Last Night,’ No ‘Path Forward’ without Indiana

Washington, DC

An early Ted Cruz supporter, President of Citizens United David Bossie told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephan K. Bannon, “I hate to say it, but the Cruz campaign as a group was in a fetal position last night. They had to be just totally demoralized by that. And I love me some Ted Cruz.”

Bossie added, “Ted Cruz has to win Indiana at this point in order to stay with the message that he is a viable alternative to Donald Trump. If he loses Indiana, I want him to have a path forward, but I don’t know how he can have a path forward.”

Bossie went on to discuss the strength he is seeing in the Trump campaign, which he expects to see translate to the general election if the businessman secures the GOP nomination. “Donald Trump has shown so much strength and resiliency in every region across this country, from the Midwest to the Northeast to dominating the South and even out West. And I think he’s going to do very well in some of these upcoming states. I look at this thing as coming to the end. And Hillary Clinton has maybe even a tougher slog than the Republicans do,” Bossie said.

“But what Donald Trump has done, what Donald Trump is showing [is] his strength across the country,” Bossie continued. “And I do believe that Hillary Clinton is in for something that she never thought she would have to face, and that’s the Donald Trump that we see everyday. And that’s one of the reasons why this campaign has taken its twists and turns. But that’s because it’s organically about Donald Trump and by Donald Trump and that’s the strength of his message.”

Discussing Clinton, Bossie explained: “She’s not going to be able to physically withstand somebody eye-to-eye saying ‘Crooked Hillary’ and calling her out on her foundation and on her illegal activities at the State Department, whether it’s the security breaches or the email scandal, and Donald Trump is willing. And it’s one of the reasons why the American people have taken to him — because he is a fighter. They don’t necessarily need to agree with him on every single issue. They want someone in there who is going to flip the table over and take an ax to it.  And that’s why he’s getting these votes in such enormous numbers.”

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