Would A Donald Trump Presidency Be Enough?

Supporters are greeted by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the conclusion of a rally at the The Northwest Washington Fair and Event Center on May 7, 2016 in Lynden, Washington.
Matt Mills McKnight/Getty Images

What if…

Donald Trump is the presumed candidate of the Republican Party. I will vote for him. But now let’s just consider all the “what ifs” there are to ponder.

What if he is elected and attempts to keep all the promises he, at one point or another during the campaign, made to conservatives. Well, it is safe to assume that whether or not the Republicans control one or both Houses of Congress after the next election, President Trump would not have an receptive audience in that body.

Speaker Paul Ryan has refused to endorse him and there are senators actively looking for a third party candidate. So what happens to President Trump’s legislative agenda, which could include building a wall on the border, deporting millions of illegal aliens, reversing free trade agreements, ending taxpayer subsidized abortions, etc,etc?

It will fail.

So what if President Trump decides to follow his predecessor’s precedent and simply kick the Constitution aside and act unilaterally through executive orders or “directives?” My guess is that, if he hasn’t chosen a Vice President that is hated as much, if not more that he is, (and lets face it, his VP pick probably won’t be Ted Cruz) then he will almost certainly be impeached. Hell, the Republicans would probably bring the bill of impeachment themselves.

What if, even though President Trump tries to shake up the status quo, he finds that the system itself has grown into a Satanesque organism like the plant named Audrey II in “The Little Shop of Horrors?” What if the bureaucracy has achieved a life of its own, impervious to countervailing forces that a President, any President, would to bring to bear? What if President Trump finds himself at the helm of a ship of state, turning the wheel, only to find that there is nothing connecting it to the rudder? The ship will continue to steam toward the the lifesaving blood (tax dollars) that Audrey II demanded. The hopes of millions of conservatives who believe that a simple change of captains would right the course of the ship of state will be dashed.

Now, what if President Trump choose a different path and delivers on all the promises he made to liberals, including the New York Times Editorial Board? He may support abortions, indicate he was just kidding about the wall and deportations, put up token, if any resistance to increased spending, and simply enjoy the perks that go along with having “Hail to the Chief” played every time he enters the room. There goes the dream of millions of people who see him as their, and the country’s, last hope.

Of course, the other “what if” we have to toss into the mix is what if Hillary, the personification of Audrey II, is sitting behind the Resolute desk in the Oval Office in 2017? What if we have reached the point in the life of the Republic that the Clinton/Sanders voters make up the majority of the population? Is there any turning back? Those who talk of revolution beyond the ballot box will find that, without the support off the military, popular uprisings are only successful in science fiction movies.

Well, I believe we are, indeed, beyond the point in the life of our Republic where the election of one, or a thousand, like-minded conservatives can REVERSE the course we are on.

And reversal is the only true solution. Simply putting stones in the path of the rushing waters of socialism will not save us from drowning in them.

Now here is what I am hoping, and indeed, praying for:

I hope there are enough disgruntled citizens to give Trump an electoral victory. If that happens, there may still be time and the numbers necessary to take the next step towards a bloodless revolution.

We must use the power of the movement, while it exists, to heed the advise of the Founders and rein in an out-of-control government. In their wisdom, they provided us the mechanism. I think we must immediately work to establish an Article 5 Convention of the States.

Now I am well aware of the fear of a “runaway” convention but I believe that that possibility can be mitigated through the adoption of of the correct application by the requisite number of states. I admit there are risks associated with this proposal but I an see no other way to address the systemic problems we face. We must use the Constitution to save the Constitution – and the Republic.

I know the scenarios I have laid out create a scary picture for some, but what if I am right?