***Horse Race LiveWire*** Poll: Trump More Honest than Hillary

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ/AFP

Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 horse race. Though Hillary Clinton tried to depict Donald Trump as a scammer, a new national poll finds that voters think Trump is more honest than Clinton. Trump and Bernie Sanders will campaign in California tonight while Clinton will be in the Golden State from Thursday through Monday.

All times eastern.

10:14: Trump also vows to save the Second Amendment from people like Hillary who “don’t know what they are doing.” Trump says if Democrats nominate the next Supreme Court Justices, America will never be great again.

10:09: Trump says to ask Israel if walls work and says we have “no choice” but to build the wall while the crowd chants “Build the wall!”

10:02: Trump says Hillary is “not presidential material.” He cites Clinton’s failures in Libya. Trump says if anyone other than Clinton exposed national security secrets by using a private server, they’d be in jail for two years or more.

10:00: Trump: “They moved the World Golf Championship from Miami to Mexico City. Can yo believe it?” Trump says “everybody is moving to Mexico” because “our leaders are stupid people… led by our president, if you call him that.”

9:55: Trump says Bill Clinton destroyed manufacturing in America by signing NAFTA.

9:55: Trump urges audience to read Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large and Government Accountability Institute’s Peter Schweitzer’s Clinton Cash. 

9:54: Trump blasts Secretary Clinton for “surrendering our jobs to China” while the Chinese were funneling huge sums of money to Bill Clinton to give speeches.

“These are crooked people,” he says. “They’ve been crooked from the beginning.”

9:53: Trump says Sacramento has lost nearly one in five manufacturing jobs since Bill Clinton let China into the WTO.

9:45: In Sacramento, Trump says Obama wants to campaign for Hillary to preserve his failing agenda at home and abroad. Trump predicts that Obamacare increases will be so large that “everybody will vote for Donald Trump.” He says Obama is trying to move rate increase to December. He calls Obamacare a “catastrophe.”

9:30: Anti-Trump protesters claiming America was never great:

9:15: Scene in Sacramento, California ahead of Trump’s rally. Anti-Trump agitators starting to gather at rally site.


8:30: Former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa starting anti-Trump PAC:

Calling Trump a racist and misogynist, Villaraigosa said his committee, called Building Bridges, Not Walls, would focus on organizing immigrants to oppose the presumptive Republican nominee in California, Arizona, Nevada and Florida in the campaign for the Nov. 8 election.

8:25: Trump supporters getting ready in Sacramento:

7:25: In an interview with PBS’s Gwen Ifill, President Obama says he doesn’t mention Donald Trump by name because he seems to do a good job mentioning his own name. When asked if support for Trump is a backlash against his presidency, Obama says Trump is a “more colorful” character than other Republicans. He says Trump’s rhetoric is not dissimilar from what Republicans have been saying for the last seven years.

6:23: Clinton press secretary, on CNN, says she will do a press conference “soon” when directly asked if she will hold a presser before the CA primary.

6:21: Trump now calls “crooked Hillary” a “fraud.”

6:19: Clinton press secretary declares nomination is “out of reach” for Sanders:

6:12: Sanders points out he has been criticized as “Santa Claus” for wanting to give away “free stuff.” He repeats that he will pay for all of his programs with a tax on “Wall Street speculation.”

6:05: Top Clinton IT aide planning to take 5th at next week’s deposition.

5:55: Fed. Judge rejects  CA voter registration lawsuit filed by Sanders’s supporters.

5:45: Report: “Bernie or Bust” folks planning protests across from Dem. convention in Philly. One leader urging Sanders supporters to de-register from Dem. party if Sanders doesn’t get nomination,.

5:40: Ridiculous Warriors/Sanders comparisons being made this week. Analogy more apt if Clinton had trailed and then mounted a comeback. The Warriors, who won a record-breaking 73 games and are the defending champions, were never huge underdogs like Sanders.


Sanders continues to wear Warriors cap:

5:35: Trump planning U.K. visit after Brexit vote.


5:15: Cory Booker wants to be Clinton’s VP (“vegan pal”):

5:10: Marist CA Poll: Sanders leading Clinton among Hispanics (49-46), voters 18-29 (80% for Sanders), first-time Dem. primary voters (72-28).

5:05: Clinton leading big among those who have already voted in California.

5:04: On “MTP Daily,” Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon doesn’t accept the premise that Clinton will have the battle Sanders all the way to the convention if she loses California. Despite his candidate’s comments, Fallon says she is not treating California like “it’s a done deal.”

5:00: Marist CA poll: Clinton 49, Sanders 47.

4:45: Sanders doesn’t know how to pander as well as Clinton:

4:39: Trump reportedly planning a trip to Israel before GOP convention.

4:25: Obama refers to Trump’s “provocative” Tweets and warns not to fall for the “okie doke.”

4:23: Obama claims that Trump’s path would lead to fewer jobs and lower wages. But a national poll found that voters trust Trump on job creation:

4:15: Obama says Trump is “crazy” for vowing to dismantle Dodd-Frank.

3:55: What in the world is Hillary Clinton doing?

3:52: Obama claims it is a “myth” that other countries are “killing us on trade.” Obama claims most of the manufacturing jobs that have been lost were not because of trade but because of automation and technology. He also says it is a myth that immigrants are “taking all of our jobs” despite the fact that immigrants–legal and illegal–received most of the net jobs since the recession.

3:45: Obama says the GOP’s basic story is that working-class families have been harmed by a bloated and big federal government run by left-wing radicals like Obama. He adds that Republicans are also saying immigrants are taking jobs. Obama says the GOP’s message is anti-government, anti-trade, anti-immigrant, and anti-change. He also admits that he listens to conservative talk radio and watches Fox News. He says we can’t deport all illegals and put a wall around America.

3:40: In Elkhart, Indiana, a defensive President Obama says pundits say Republicans nominated Trump because of Washington hasn’t paid enough attention to working-class communities. He insists communities like Elkhart haven’t been forgotten in his White House. Obama admits that under his presidency “inequality is too high” and the gap between the rich and the poor is the greatest it has been since the 1920s. He says this “changes our politics” and makes it easy for people to think that the “system is rigged.” He says “there are plenty of politicians that are preying” on these headlines for votes.

3:23: Sanders calls for an end to all fracking:

3:20: Trump U. Judge now trying to reseal some records. 

3:15: Establishment Republican Vin Weber touting Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. But anti-Trump liberal Republicans may end up voting for them instead of Clinton, which would help Trump in some battleground states.

3:05: New York City officials reportedly investigating Trump’s use of Trump Tower’s atrium for campaign events:

2:46: Trump within margin of error against Clinton in new Michigan poll (Clinton 43, Trump 38.5).

2:43: Interesting: Paul Ryan gave an interview to People on one condition: People magazine could not ask him about Donald Trump:

One condition of the Speaker getting on the phone for the magazine’s special Fathers’ Day gallery was that he not be asked about his party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump, whom Ryan has famously declined so far to endorse.

2:35: Clinton campaign vowing to make Trump University a big campaign issue:


In New Jersey, Clinton wastes no time trying to paint Trump as a scammer:


2:15: National poll: Voters think Trump more honest than Hillary by a two-to-one margin:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 30% of all Likely U.S. Voters think Trump is more honest than most other politicians. Just half as many (15%) think Clinton is more honest than most of her peers.

2:05: Sanders heckling “inevitable” nominee Clinton for coming back to California after she said the race was over and she would be the nominee:

2:00: PGA moving World Golf Championship tournament from Trump’s Doral course to Mexico. On Tuesday evening, Trump quipped that he hoped the PGA has “kidnapping insurance” for the tournament.