Business Insider: ‘Donald Trump Goes Into Full Attack Mode After Clinton’s Scorching Speech’


At Business Insider, Michelle Mark covers Donald Trump’s response to Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy speech:

Trump’s shots at Clinton came after a fiery foreign policy speech she gave earlier the same day, during which she denounced Trump’s policy proposals as “as a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds, and outright lies” and declared that electing him would be a “historic mistake.”

While Trump didn’t go into detail about the arguments Clinton made in her speech, he called it “phony” and a “Donald Trump hit job,” and lambasted her for the email scandal that has plagued her campaign for more than a year.

Clinton has long been fighting to alleviate concerns that her private email account posed security risks to government business and classified material. But last Wednesday, the State Department released a damning report claiming she “did not comply” with the department’s policies regarding her email.

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